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As of Season's Greetings (2019-08-21) Haven is having seasons.

Year cycle

Season duration is based on in-game time. Summer is 105 in-game days long. Autumn and Spring are 30 game days each, and Winter is 15 game days. One year cycle in Hafen takes ~54 days and 17 hours of real-life time. Each year starts with first day of Spring. Seasons are connected to moon cycle: new season always comes during New Moon phase.

Game-time to Real-time:

Game: 15d (Real: 4d 13h 25m ) - Winter
Game: 30d (Real: 9d 2h 51m ) - Autumn and Spring
Game: 105d (Real: 31d 21h 57m ) - Summer
Game: 180d (Real: 54d 17h 4m ) - HnH Year.

Season Calendar

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General seasonal changes

  • Herbs have seasonality. Notably:
    • some herbs are exclusive to one season (e.g. Coltsfoot in Spring, Perfect Autumn Leaf in Autumn, Precious Snowflake in Winter)
    • Only Taproots, Mistletoe, and winter-exclusive herbs spawn in Winter
    • Berries and mushrooms only spawn in Summer and Autumn
    • Many non-exclusive herbs are more common in Autumn (particularly mushrooms)
  • Most small animals have seasonality. (See Creature Seasonality Table)
  • Some large animals have seasonality.
  • Cave herbs and creatures appear to be unaffected by Seasons
  • Crops fall fallow in winter. Fallow crops can be harvested for a reduced amount of seeds (7-8 per crop at full skills, or 1-2 products per crop for seedless crops). Trellis crops stop growing in winter. Cycling trellis crops recede to their first cycle stage.
  • Trees lose their fruits, seeds, and leaves in winter, and regain them again during the summer. During summer and fall trees respawn fruits with the traditional decay mechanic. That means no fruits or seeds on trees for ~20 realtime days.
  • The entire surface world is gradually covered in a thin layer of Snow during winter, which can be dug to reveal the ground underneath and to use in Snow-related crafting.
  • Rivers, lakes, and some ocean tiles gradually freeze over during winter.
  • You cannot plant seeds in winter

Minor seasonal features


  • Bird Nests have more eggs.



  • Snow will gradually cover the ground. Snow can be gathered off the ground (Adventure -> Dig) which also reveals the true ground-tile underneath it. Kicksled, a vehicle fast on snow and ice is more useful during winter.
  • Ice Blocks can be acquired using a pick-axe by chopping ice away on water (Adventure -> Dig).
  • Only some of herbs spawn on snow covered ground/terrain, but more forage spawn in winter on terrain cleared of snow.
  • Animals eat only about 50% during winter Fall Time Frolicking (2019-08-28).
  • Swamps are emptied and eventually freeze over. Animals and plants don't spawn in it during winter.
  • Both shallow and deep water freeze over, over the course of a few days.
  • Planted trees seem to keep growing in a slower manner, but won't yield any fruit, seed, or leaf.
  • Trees and bushes found in cave, like Towercap and Withercorn, lose their seeds too.
  • Snow affects terraforming (Adventure -> Landscaping -> Survey Land), preventing you from digging or placing soil on terrain covered by snow.
  • Precious Snowflake can be found on snowy ground during winter.
  • Snowtop is a winter-only forgeable mushroom.