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Grown From Towercap Spore
Required By Towercap Spore
Found On Cave, Gleam Grotto, Wild Cavern
Bark 0
Branches 0
Fruit Towercap Spore
Fruit Qty 12
Logs 3
Blocks (Stone) 37
Blocks (Metal) 46
Boards (Bone) 11
Boards (Metal) 19
Boards (Sawmill) ?
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Towercaps are giant mushrooms the size of Trees, and for most purposes function like them. They are cultivated in Treeplanter's Pots, and then planted in the ground. However, unlike normal trees, they must be planted in Caves and give no sticks, bark, or boughs. Towercaps require 3x or more the growth time of other trees. This is likely due to Towercaps using the same growth time as other trees, but because caves do not count as forest biome they will always grow as if they weren't planted in a forest. Fixed in patch "Post Rose."

Towercaps can be found rarely on level 1 and become more common deeper.

Towercaps work as minesupports. They develop a support radius gradually as they grow up, and have, when fully grown, the radius of 9 tiles.
Caution: Chopping towercap will immediately cause a cave-in to occur if they have prevented a cave in, even if all tiles are supported by other supports.

Mineholes past certain depth require boards specifically made from Towercaps.

The Towercap is one of the many Trees found in the Hearthlands. Trees are a plentiful resource and they are vital to every player's success.

Some of the most basic materials a hearthling will require such as Boards, Wood Blocks, Boughs, and Branches are only obtained from Trees.
Every tree has some sort of Seed which the player can use in various recipes, or they can be used to regrow a higher quality tree, producing better materials.

Materials Produced

The Towercap produces:

You may harvest up to 0 Branches before it is depleted.
You may harvest up to 0 Bark before it is depleted.
You may harvest up to 12 Towercap Spore before it is depleted.

All Trees will slowly replenish harvested materials, meaning all materials listed above are renewable.

The Towercap produces 3 logs when felled. With each log producing:

Blocks per log:
37 blocks when cut with a Stone Axe.
46 blocks when cut with a Metal Axe.
Boards per log:
11 boards when cut with a Bone Saw.
19 boards when cut with a Metal Saw.
(unknown) boards when processed by a Sawmill.
Note: These numbers only apply for logs from matured trees. Logs from growing trees will give different results.

How to Acquire

Every Tree can be grown from its seed using a Treeplanter's Pot, or by planting the seed directly into the ground.

Using a Treeplanter's Pot: See Treeplanter's Pot for more details

Direct Method: See Shovel for more details

Game Development

  • Post Rose (2018-05-29) >"Tower and Poppy caps now consider cave tiles as their natural tiles, increasing their growth speed there. Suggested here."
  • Opium Nomad (2017-08-30) >"Towercaps now work as minesupports. They develop a support radius gradually as they grow up, and have, when fully grown, the equivalent radius of a (wooden) Mine Support. As with normal Mine Supports, they can be safely removed if they have never prevented a cave in."