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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Lumberjacking
Object(s) Required Soil x4, Tree Seed*, Water (1.0 L)
Produced By Treeplanter's Pot and Herbalist Table
Required By (5) Branch, Log, Scratch-Marked Bark, Stump, Treebark
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Tree is a generic term which can refer to any of the 79 species. Following is a list of links to their pages:
Acacia Tree, Alder Tree, Almond Tree, Apple Tree, Ash Tree, Aspen Tree, Bay Willow Tree, Beech Tree, Birch Tree, Birdcherry Tree, Black Pine Tree, Black Poplar Tree, Buckthorn Tree, Carob Tree, Cedar Tree, Charred Tree, Chaste Tree, Checker Tree, Cherry Tree, Chestnut Tree, Conker Tree, Cork Oak Tree, Crabapple Tree, Cypress Tree, Dogwood Tree, Dwarf Pine, Elm Tree, Fig Tree, Fir Tree, Gloomcap, Gnome's Cap, Goldenchain Tree, Gray Alder Tree, Hazel Tree, Hornbeam Tree, Juniper Tree, King's Oak Tree, Larch Tree, Laurel Tree, Lemon Tree, Linden Tree, Lote Tree, Maple Tree, Mayflower Tree, Medlar Tree, Mound Tree, Mulberry Tree, Oak Tree, Olive Tree, Orange Tree, Osier Tree, Pear Tree, Persimmon Tree, Pine Tree, Plane Tree, Plum Tree, Poplar Tree, Quince Tree, Rowan Tree, Sallow Tree, Silver Fir Tree, Sorb Tree, Spruce Tree, Stone Pine Tree, Sweetgum Tree, Sycamore Tree, Tamarisk Tree, Terebinth Tree, Towercap, Tree Heath Tree, Trumpet Chantrelle, Walnut Tree, Warty Birch Tree, Whitebeam Tree, Willow Tree, Wood Strawberry Tree, Wych Elm Tree, Yew Tree, Zelkova Tree.

See the Tables/Trees page for specific per-tree data.

Tree Farming

There are two methods currently available to farm trees: Treeplanter's Pot method' and Direct Method

Treeplanter's Pot Method:

To grow a tree, one needs a Treeplanter's Pot, a Herbalist Table, 1.0 liter of Water, 4 units of Soil (or Soil-like material), and a Seed of Tree or Bush of the plant you wish to grow. Place the Soil, Water, and seed into the pot, and then place the filled pot on an herbalist table. After 1 hour and 15 minutes, the tree will either sprout or die. If it is dead, all you can do is empty the pot and start over. If it has sprouted, you will have 24 real-life hours to plant it before it dies.

Take the pot, find a spot where you wish to plant it, and right click on the spot while holding the pot to get the option to plant it. The tree will steadily increase its size and material, but its quality, and the quality of the products gathered from it, stays the same as is determined when it is first grown (See below section: Ways to Improve...) If you chop a or harvest a tree or bush before it has matured fully, all materials harvested will have lower quality than the quality of the tree.

Direct Method:

Gather the seeds you wish to plant. With a shovel equipped, pick up the seed from your inventory with your cursor and right click the ground where you wish to plant the tree. This process takes around 10 seconds and is very fast. Trees planted using this method will be half the quality of the seed used, capped downwards at quality 10.

Growth Rate

Most, if not all trees seem to take about 150 hours (a little over 6 days) to fully mature on any forest terrain. If planted on other terrains, such as grassland, they grow much slower.

As they grow, trees will naturally convert the ground tiles around them into the native forest biome they're planted on. If it was not planted on a forest tile, it will instead create a generic type of forest terrain called Wald.


Tree seeds that are planted directly into the ground have a random chance to become stunted during growth. The chance to become stunted at some point during growth is determined upon planting, and is not affect by any nearby items or outside forces, which means that trees can be planted close together and close to other objects. Skills related to trees affect the chance of stunting (See Skills Below)

Stunted trees give wood of a lesser quality, limited by their growth percentage. Other products such as seeds are unaffected by this and are always of full tree quality. Logs from stunted trees also produce less blocks and boards.

Stunted trees do regenerate their resources.

If a tree is planted with a Treeplanter's Pot, it will never be stunted, unless picked from. [Verify]

Skills Affecting Treeplanting

These skills affect the chance for a seeding to sprout from its treepot, as well as the chance for a tree planted directly in the ground to stunt before maturity

Note: The seed's chances of sprouting are increased solely on the above skills.


  • Inspecting a growing tree will return its growth percentage, and its final quality. (check system-chat for the latter one for growing trees)
  • Non user-planted trees will not return any info when inspected.
  • New tree spawning also works on p-claimed ground.
  • When copping down a growing tree it will return logs. (if zero it drops branches (0..max?), and no tree stump)
  • The dropped logs will give blocks in total. (Spread across the dropped logs)
  • See also: Talk:Tree#Growth_vs_Logs

Ways to Improve the Quality of Farmed Trees

  • High quality Herbalist Table: You will need high quality source lumber and Finer Plant Fibre to craft a high quality Herbalist Table.
  • High quality Treeplanter's Pot: Quality is softcapped by Dexterity, Masonry and Farming and dependent on the quality of the Clay, Fuel, and Kiln used. Pottery products (such as the Treeplanter's Pot) will also have their quality halved without the use of a Potter's Wheel. The wheel also affects the quality of the product (for better or for worse).
  • High quality Water: Water quality depends on the location at which you gather it.
  • High quality Soil: Just as water, Soil quality is dependent on the location you gather it at. See Finding high quality water, clay, and soil for more information.
    • Bat Guano or Mulch can be used instead of soil, which is generally of a higher quality.
  • High quality seed: Same quality as the tree of which it was taken.
  • Farming skill: The quality of the tree is softcapped by the Farming skill of the player who plants the seed in the Treeplanter's Pot.

Best matching Tree quality formula so far:

Found On (Tree vs Terrain)

  • The initial placement of tree-type vs terrain is decided at the new-world generation phase. After that it become subject to player actions & (slow) auto-spawning of trees.
  • Not all trees are placed that way at the new-world generation phase. Some are just scattered randomly across the map without any specific terrain preference.

As such. The "Found On" terrains for trees becomes over time more a general advisory terrain list. Especially for trees that are somewhat rare for a particular terrain/biome. (And not useful for the scattered-totally-random tree-cases)

Game Development

  • Juniper Buoy (2022-09-18) >"Took another look at leaves from trees, and normalized the number of leaves a leaf-bearing tree provides give somewhere around 25, i.e. about x5 from present. Mulberry leaves now have 8 uses, rather than 25, and present their remaining uses on the inventory icon."