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"Elfafnr nursed by the springs of Tain,
Three Oaks for each of the Norns,
Two Linden trees for the Old,
Apples for himself."

LP Cost 25000
Woodsmanship, Gardening
Druidic Rite
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Green Thumb
Required By (5) Birchsap, Maplesap, Sap Tap, Terebinth Sap, Woodsman's Axe
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"You care for the land and are able to do so. Through ardent study of the natural primacies you have developed an aptitude for treeplanting, and enjoy significantly greater success at it. Studies of the mulberry tree in particular have also increased your success rate when unraveling silk cocoons."

What it does

Forestry increases the chance of a tree sprouting on a herbalist table and increases the amount of silk filaments acquired from unraveling silk cocoons. It unlocks the Druidic Rite skill.