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"Green and cool,
Warm and welcoming,
Your garden plot,
And home."

LP Cost 4000
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (5) Ant Farm, Compost Bin, Garden Pot, Unfired Garden Pot, Wood Incorrupt
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"You enjoy gardening, and consequently gain significantly more seeds when farming. The peace of mind which only a tranquil garden brings also garners you an improved success rate when unraveling silk cocoons."

Gardening allows you to fully reap the benefits of your domesticated plants that the wild varieties couldn't let you, giving you the ability to build Compost Bins to make your own rich soil, or craft Garden Pots which let you cultivate wild Forageables like Blueberries inside your own property.

What it does

Gardening allows you to get 2 more seeds from harvesting most crops. Along with Plant Lore skill you can get 14 seeds per crop. Pair these with Druidic Rite you will always get 15 seeds. Gardening also improves the chance of acquiring silk filaments when unraveling silkworm cocoons.