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Crops are plants that can be planted by a player for food or resources, which requires the skill Farming. Without a Bee Hive, plants will grow much slower than with a bee hive. This category lists the objects created when planting any seed.

Below doesn't include Forageables which are grown with Gardening nor Trees or Bushes which are grown with Plant Lore.

About Crops

A list of crops currently in the game include:

Please note this table is incomplete; information may be missing or incorrect. These values are still based on old Haven & Hearth

Crop Field Planted with Additional Products and Information 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage
Barley Crop Seeds of Barley 5-18 Seeds of Barley, Straw - - 3-4 Days
Beetroot Crop Beetroot 1 Beetroots, 1 Beetroot Leaves (Stage 3)
1-4 Beetroots, 1-4 Beetroot Leaves, Weird Beetroot (Rarely) (Final Stage)
~18 Hours - 'Fastest reported': W-11: 2 Days 5 Hours 45 Minutes (No Hive.)

'Slowest reported': W-11: 2 Days 6 Hours 44 Minutes (No Hive.)

Carrot Crop Seeds of Carrot or Carrot 1 Carrot (Stage 3)
5-18 Seeds of Carrot (Stage 4)
1-4 Carrots (Final Stage)
~ ~ 'Fastest reported': 15 Hours 50 Minutes.

'Slowest reported': 40 Hours.

Cucumber Crop Seeds of Cucumber 5-18 Seeds of Cucumber, 1-3 Cucumbers
Grown on Trellis
- - 4 Days 8 Hours
Flax Crop Seeds of Flax 5-18 Seeds of Flax, Flax Fibre - - 2 Days
Grapes Crop Seeds of Grape 1-4 Grapes
Grown on Trellis
- - 4 Days 8 Hours
Hemp Crop Seeds of Hemp Fresh Hemp Bud (Stage 3)
5-18 Seeds of Hemp, Hemp Fibre (Final Stage)
- Begins at a random time around 40 minutes before full maturation of crop.(Confirm) 3 Days 4 Hours
Hops Crop Hop Cones 1-4 Hop Cones, Unusually Large Hop Cone (Rarely)
Grown on Trellis
- - -
Leek Crop Seeds of Leek or Leek 5-18 Seeds of Leek (Stage 3)
1 Leek (Stage 4)
1-4 Leeks (Final Stage)
- - 3 Days
Lettuce Crop Seeds of Lettuce 5-12 Seeds of Lettuce,
Head of Lettuce
(Creates 3 Lettuce Leaf and 5-7 Seeds of Lettuce when split)
~18Hours - 3 Days 8 Hours
Millet Crop Seeds of Millet - - - -
Pea Crop Peapod 1-4 Peapods
Grown on Trellis
- - 3 Days 15 Hours
Peppercorn Crop Peppercorn 1-2 Peppercorns
Grown on Trellis
- - -
Pipeweed Crop Seeds of Pipeweed 5-18 Seeds of Pipeweed, 1 Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed ~20 Hours. - -
Poppy Crop Seeds of Poppy 5-12 Seeds of Poppy, Poppy Flower (Stage 5)
5-24 Seeds of Poppy, Poppy Pod (Rarely) (Final Stage)
- - 3 Days 19 Hours
Pumpkin Crop Seeds of Pumpkin Giant Pumpkin
(Creates 40 Seeds of Pumpkin and 8 Pumpkin Flesh when split)
- - 5-7 days
Red Onion Crop Red Onion 1-4 Red Onions, Crying Red Onion (Rarely) - - -
Turnip Crop Seeds of Turnip or Turnip 5-18 Seeds of Turnip (Stage 3)
2-4 Turnips, Giant Turnip (Rarely) (Final Stage)
- - -
Wheat Crop Seeds of Wheat 5-18 Seeds of Wheat, Straw - - 3 Days 10 Hours
Yellow Onion Crop Yellow Onion 1-4 Yellow Onions, Crying Yellow Onion (Rarely) - - -


  • Times listed are in real-time and assume the use of a Beehive unless noted otherwise. They will also be affected by any bonuses from inside of a Realm and by the new 'Speed Crop' bonus (See below quote from the May 29th 2018 update.).
  • Wheat, Barley, Millet and Hemp are unaffected by Beehives.
  • Stage 1 is the initial planted stage. Nothing can be done to any crop at this stage.
  • Poppies must sit 24 Hours or more in stage 5 (ready to harvest) before pods will start to appear instead of flowers.
  • Inspect: As of (unknown), planted crops can be quality inspected at all crops stages. Returns (initial) planted crop quality. Same for trellis crops (ie: never updates to last harvested crops quality)
  • (Stacks) For area-planting crops hiccup (not seed based) see Stack#Notable_Crops-Planting_Con.
  • (Just in case: direct crops-table edit-link)