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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Farming
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x3, String
Required By (5) Cucumber Crop, Grapes Crop, Hops Crop, Pea Crop, Peppercorn Crop
Repaired With Block of Wood
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 25
Soak Value None
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The trellis is a supporting structure required to grow certain kinds of crops. It does not have a quality, and does not affect the quality of crops grown on it. It can be built on unpaved ground with the exception of sand and ice.

As of World 14, static crops grown on a trellis will slowly increase from the quality of the original plant with successive harvests.


The trellis has two interaction points, located on the two tiles on either side of it (perpendicular to its long axis). Although a hearthling can walk between two trellises on adjacent tiles, they will not be able to sow or harvest when standing between them. Make sure to leave a free tile on at least one side, as a trellis blocked on both sides by other objects cannot be used. There is one exception: another trellis. It is possible to have 4 functioning trellises per column/tile, which is best done with a custom client that supports object hitbox display.


A 6 trellises setup. Where each side gives access to 3 rows of trellises.
2x4 trellises setup case. (In this case the 4th trellis is only accessible if the second opposing tile is free'ich. Without the gab in the middle one don't has to worry about that anymore.)

Each number refers

  1. A free tile on one side
  2. Blocked both sides
  3. Free on both sides
  4. One of interaction points of ③

In-game Text

Certain plants -- notably Grapes -- cannot be grown except on a Trellis.

List of Crops Requiring a Trellis

Mass harvest

Although dev's claim "It is now possible to mass harvest and plant from and to trellises". Its somewhat quirky and it can do kinda unexpected things if not used properly.

  • The hearthling position relative to selection and/or initial clicked trellis-crop is kinda ignored. Or, the hearthling just goes for the nearest viable target/trellis. (which is probably not what you want)
  • Best initial hearthling position seem to be on either side of the target selection. And not somewhere in the middle of it.
  • Build orientation of trellis's. (undetermined, although it should not matter)
  • With a multi-row trellis setup it will only target one row at a time. (?:initial clicked row or first found crop. Think it was the latter)
  • (Gabs in a row: planting or harvesting probably stop there.)
  • Diagonal trellis setup: Only usable with botting clients. Or with clients with fix-location crop-icons (no trial&error clicking). (ie: Game itself totally can't handle these.)


  • Planting: When planting a trellis-crop or seed from the cursor, one needs to click the trellis to plant (manual trellis selection). When using planting mode one needs to click the ground-tile the trellis(s) is/are on (the click will go though the trellis, which usually is also the right ground tile).
  • Sowing mode behaviors:
    • Trellis selection: When clicking a tile with multiple trellises the game selects the nearest free trellis to the player.
    • Planting side selection: Determent by the side the player is standing related to the selected trellis. (clicked position in target tile, or position of player related to target tile, don't play a role in this. Same for trellis placement/orientation(front/back))
    • Area selection: After having planted the first trellis. The game tries to process all other trellises on the same row (ie:left/right of trellis block). (still has some open stuff to be scrutinized.)


Game Development

  • Blazing Trellis (2018-11-15) >"It is now possible to mass harvest and plant from and to trellises, using the same interface you would with any other crop. No need to buy everything in the store in abject gratitude, or anything."