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  • All stackable items can be made to auto-stack, or not, by toggling the related option in the Toggles menu. (when normally acquiring items, or when transferred from stockpile)
  • Odd/Annoying stack behaviors:
    • 1 item stacks. Generated when crafting or sowing(not seeds) stuff from stacks. (Deemed intentional/workaround).
    • Although a stack can (now) be used to create/initiate a stockpile. A cursor hold stack can only be added to existing stockpiles one item at a time. (General default behavior applied to manual stack transferring. ie: no exception in relation to when this don't matters)
  • When auto stacking is OFF. Mass transferring items from player inventory (not scroll transfer), will (first)(still) add items to any non-full stacks.
  • When auto stacking is ON. Anytime a stack is created the UI-focus moves to the world-plane. (Breaking consistent custom-client stockpile-input support)
  • Item discovery system: Items automatically added to stacks do not trigger a potential discovery. But do maintain there discovery state. (ie: can still trigger a discovery when picked up from the stack)

  • (?:recheck) Although creating a stack with RMC+Shift will fill the stack with the available items. When using RMC+Shift with a stack-item on a existing stack just add that item and picks up next stack item). For filling up a existing stack RMC+Shift+Ctrl needs to be used. (Ender client checked only)
  • Edible items can be eaten from open open stack container. Potentially leaving behind a mixed stack. When all items are converted in this way, so will the stack.
  • Tables don't take stacked food items. (nor will any extended inventory at this moment.)

Notable Crops-Planting Con

Area-planting crop-X from stacked crop-X items (ergo:not seeds), the planting stops every time when a none stacked crop-X item appears in the inventory.
Apparent workaround: Have some food item open in the crafting window that requires crop-X items. (In this case leftover single crop-X items don't turn into a non stacked item, but stay single-item stacks)
(Was fixed. Crop planting now has single-item stack behavior by default)

Notable stacking Con's

Item order

For those that use some client with sorting features, stacks come with a nice curveball.
(empty inventory presumed from here on)
Lets have a stockpile with the items (FILO-side)[A,B,C,D](LIFO-side) in it.
Now if you would load that stockpile into your inventory with auto-stacking disabled you would get [D,C,B,A]. ([FILO order nicely preserved)
Try that with auto-stack enabled and you get a stack with [C,D,B,A]. That's right, [C,D,..] instead of [D,C,..].
Why is that ... Well:

  • [D] gets pulled first, which is a single item. so no stack yet.
  • Next is item [C]. Which get merged with [D] into a stack. Same as clicking [C] onto [D]. Which creates the stack [C,D]. (Why not [D,C]? ... Your guess here is as good as mine.)
  • Now that there is a stack to which the other incoming items can be added, they are added at the end of the stack. so +[B]=>[C,D,B], and then +[A]=>[C,D,B,A].
    • Stacks unpacking works the same as with stockpile. so: Stack:[A,B,C,D] => Inventory:[D,C,B,A]

(Ergo: if you like to maintain some item(Q) order, don't use auto-stacking. Auto-stacking will mix it up)
(Simple check test: Have a stockpile with at the top 2 different quality stackable items. And repeat scroll-add/remove those 2 items (Stacks:On). Those two items will constantly swap there locations)

Stacks processing order

  • When crafting. Stacks are processed by FIFO-order (unlike the FILO-order for single items). Although the last added stacks are selected when 'opening' a container. During crafting the selection will switch to the first added stacks. (ie: screwing up any game order-consistency)
    • To force crafting to start/select from the FIFO top. Switch crafting to some other item and back.
    • The crafting auto-selection prefers stacks before selecting non-stacked items.

Stacking property data

Dumping of additional item stacking data is best done on the Talk page.

Semantic search presets.
Capacity: Unknown + Error (Smaller than Zero)
Capacity: Don't stacks. (Zero)
Capacity: Unknown max. (One)
Capacity: Stacks. (Greater than One)

Game Development

  • Stacks of Shrimp (2023-10-22) >"Most interactions should now be possible to perform through stacks. You can right-click a stack to interact with an item in it, you can hold the stack and right click the map or an object to perform the normal item interaction with that, e.g. forming new stockpiles, adding to stockpiles, adding fuel, &c. Mileage may vary around edge cases as the implementation is perhaps not a thing of perfect beauty, but it felt like a major improvement. Report any strangeness."
  • Loose Velvet (2023-06-22) >"Several things now stack: Soil, Clay, Bricks, Plant Fibre, Wool, Carrots, Beets, Turnips, all Onion types, Champignons, Peapods, Pepper (Boiled or not), Hops, Grapes, Raisins, Prunes and Chum Bait."
  • Realm of Toads (2023-05-28) >"Male and Female "Silk Moth"s no longer stack together, which should prevent eggs from ending up in silkmoth stacks. Existing such stacks are unaffected."
  • Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07) >"Implemented item stacking proper. Certain items -- e.g. those which we had previously added bundles for, along with some others, notably stone -- now stack in type restricted stacks using the same icon and inventory size as a single item of that type.
    :Stacks are formed by right-clicking a stackable item with another item of the same type. Holding Shift while right-clicking will draw the maximum amount of such items into the stack, and holding Shift-Ctrl will attempt to create as many such stacks as you can from your current inventory.
    :Actions acquiring resources from nature (e.g. picking branches) tend to auto-stack whatever you're acquiring, whereas inventory transfers normally preserve existing stacks.
    :The local inventory of a stack is available on mouseover. You can pick items, mousewheel them out, &c&c.
    :Holding a stack and right-clicking another stack, or item of the type, will combine the stackables. Holding Alt while thus right-clicking will leave the combined stack on your cursor.
    :You can Shift-Right-click a stack to move one item out of it. You can Shift-Ctrl-Right-click to empty the stack entirely.
    :With this, we have naturally removed the ability to create new bundles.
  • Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07) >"Sub-inventories (stacks, belts, keyrings, creels, &c) are now permanently available to the client. You can drag sub-inventories to detach them as traditional inventory windows."
  • Pocket Bundle (2023-01-17) >"Added "Bundles"(now called stacks). Some items -- presently: Bugs, Fish, Hides, Raw Meat, Boughs, Branches, Flowers, Metal Nuggets and Nuts -- can be combined into a "Bundle". Bundles are effectively little containers for the relevant item type. To create a bundle, simply hold one such type of item, and right-click another. Barter Stands will always sell items in bundles, rather than bundles as such. Bundles can be dropped as such, but removing the last item from a bundle will make it disappear. Feel free to suggest additions or changes."