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Page Notices:

  • DISC: This page reflects a discontinued Haven & Hearth mechanic that has been removed/disabled.
    As of Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07) patch, Bundles are no longer available and are replaced by Stacks.
    (Mainly a name change only)
To disable a particular Tag-message, after checking/fixing the related issue.
Remove the related TAG from the 'Pagenotice' call, or remove the whole 'Pagenotice' call.

Some items can be combined into "bundles" to maximize inventory space.

Creating a bundle

To create a bundle, you must have two of the same type of bundle-able item. Pick one up, and right-click it onto the other. The "Bundle" option will appear.

Once you have created a bundle, new items of that type will be added to it automatically, as long as there is space. For example, if you have created a flower bundle with Coltsfoot and Clover, a newly picked Nettle will be added to the bundle automatically. Items pulled from a stockpile (e.g. Hides) will also be added to an appropriate Bundle automatically.

Many of the types of Keyboard Shortcuts that work with other containers also work with Bundles. For example, once you've created a Raw Meat Bundle, you can use Shift and the scroll wheel to mass transfer the remaining raw meat into it. If you're adding items to a bundle one by one, you can left click to hold one item with the cursor, then Shift-right click to pick up the next appropriate item while adding the current one to the Bundle.

Items that can be bundled

Only certain types of items can be bundled:


Added in Game Development: Pocket Bundle

Game Development

  • Stack of Stacks (2023-03-07) >"Implemented item stacking proper. Certain items -- e.g. those which we had previously added bundles for, along with some others, notably stone -- now stack in type restricted stacks using the same icon and inventory size as a single item of that type.
    :Stacks are formed by right-clicking a stackable item with another item of the same type. Holding Shift while right-clicking will draw the maximum amount of such items into the stack, and holding Shift-Ctrl will attempt to create as many such stacks as you can from your current inventory.
    :Actions acquiring resources from nature (e.g. picking branches) tend to auto-stack whatever you're acquiring, whereas inventory transfers normally preserve existing stacks.
    :The local inventory of a stack is available on mouseover. You can pick items, mousewheel them out, &c&c.
    :Holding a stack and right-clicking another stack, or item of the type, will combine the stackables. Holding Alt while thus right-clicking will leave the combined stack on your cursor.
    :You can Shift-Right-click a stack to move one item out of it. You can Shift-Ctrl-Right-click to empty the stack entirely.
    :With this, we have naturally removed the ability to create new bundles.
  • Pocket Bundle (2023-01-17) >"Added "Bundles"(now called stacks). Some items -- presently: Bugs, Fish, Hides, Raw Meat, Boughs, Branches, Flowers, Metal Nuggets and Nuts -- can be combined into a "Bundle". Bundles are effectively little containers for the relevant item type. To create a bundle, simply hold one such type of item, and right-click another. Barter Stands will always sell items in bundles, rather than bundles as such. Bundles can be dropped as such, but removing the last item from a bundle will make it disappear. Feel free to suggest additions or changes."