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For information on the Legacy Haven & Hearth server, see Legacy:Keyboard Shortcuts.

For a more comprehensive listing of keyboard and mouse commands, please look at stMartins post here :

The following is a listing of standard keyboard shortcuts. Users can redefine many of them in the options menu.

Open menus/windows

Ctrl + A Open map of known world
Ctrl + B Kin
Ctrl + C Cycles betweenActivate Chat (last active chat window), Minimize Chat Window, Restore chat
Ctrl + E Equipment
Ctrl + I Inventory
Ctrl + L Land management
Ctrl + T Character
Ctrl + S Jump to chat line
Ctrl + O Open Main Menu
Tab Inventory
(user defined) Cycle Show/hide interface (other than the Chat window). Press twice after hiding it.

Main Menu

See Menu Options.


Ctrl + R, Shift + Ctrl + R Change walk/run speed. Cycles from 1 to 4, from 4 to 1
Ctrl + Left-mouse-click* while holding an item Forces a "move" command, and allows the character to move around with an item on the cursor (*: short-sustained mouse click)

(To short click will do nothing, or will initiate dismount (Horse, boat, etc)

Ctrl + Right-mouse-click on container while holding an item Moves towards, and opens container. (General containers only, Doors and other stuff excluded)
Ctrl + click on an object in inventory or a container Drop object at feet
Shift + click on an object in inventory or a container Transfer object to last active container/inventory
Shift while placing an object to build Disable lock to grid
Shift+Right-Click With fuel selected, automatically adds fuel to right-clicked object (Kiln, Oven, etc)
(e.g., left-click branch, then shift+right-click the Kiln)
Enter/Return "Craft" current crafting item
Ctrl + Enter/Return "Craft All" continuous crafting of current crafting item
Shift + Mousewheel Use shift + mousewheel to transfer items from container to inventory, or back. This makes no distinction between types of items, but works solely in a last-in-first-out order. Hover the mouse over the container (not your inventory) you want to transfer from/to, and press Shift while scrolling the mousewheel.
Shift + Mousewheel Rotate, in steps of 45 degrees (360/8), an item you are placing/building before confirming the location
Shift+Ctrl + Mousewheel Rotate, in steps of 11.25 degrees (360/(32=8*4)).