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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids, Bee Larvae, Brimstone Butterfly, Cave Centipede, Cave Moth, Emerald Dragonfly, Firefly, Grasshopper, Grub, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ladybug, Monarch Butterfly, Moonmoth, Ruby Dragonfly, Sand Flea, Silkmoth, Silkworm, Springtime Bumblebee, Stag Beetle, The Bee That Stung, Waterstrider, Woodworm
Required By (2) Bug Collection, Grub-Grub
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Bug is a game class-type referring to one of the following 27 game-objects:

 Ant Empress (1) Ant Empress.png Ant Larvae (1) Ant Larvae.png Ant Pupae (1) Ant Pupae.png Ant Queen (1) Ant Queen.png Ant Soldiers (1) Ant Soldiers.png Aphids (1) Aphids.png Bee Larvae (1) Bee Larvae.png Brimstone Butterfly  Brimstone Butterfly.png Cave Centipede (1) Cave Centipede.png Cave Moth  Cave Moth.png Emerald Dragonfly  Emerald Dragonfly.png Firefly  Firefly.png Grasshopper (1) Grasshopper.png Grub (1) Grub.png Itsy Bitsy Spider (1) Itsy Bitsy Spider.png Ladybug  Ladybug.png Monarch Butterfly  Monarch Butterfly.png Moonmoth  Moonmoth.png Ruby Dragonfly  Ruby Dragonfly.png Sand Flea  Sand Flea.png Silkmoth (1) Silkmoth.png Silkworm (2) Silkworm.png Springtime Bumblebee  Springtime Bumblebee.png Stag Beetle  Stag Beetle.png The Bee That Stung  The Bee That Stung.png Waterstrider  Waterstrider.png Woodworm  Woodworm.png

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that type-group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item.

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Note that Ant Empress, Ant Larvae, Ant Pupae, Ant Queen, Ant Soldiers, Aphids are considered to be the same species/bug type when crafting Bug Collection's.

Fishing Bait exceptions note: Most bugs can also be used as fishing bait, with the exception of: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Cave Centipede and The Bee That Stung.

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