Herbalist Table

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Herbalist Table
Herbalist Table.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 2
Storage Size 4 x 4
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Plant Lore
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x4, Board x4, Finer Plant Fibre x8
Required By (46) Arrowwood Bush, Bittersweet Nightshade Bush, Black Tea Leaves, Blackberry Bush, Blackcurrant Bush, Blackthorn Bush, Bog-Myrtle Bush, Boxwood Bush, Bush, Caprifole Bush, Cave Fern, Crampbark Bush, Cured Hemp Bud, Dog Rose Bush, Dried Batwings, Dried Camomile, Dried Fig, Dried Morels, Dried Pepper Drupe, Dried Poppy Pod, Elderberry Bush, Fly Woodbine Bush, Ghostpipe, Gooseberry Bush, Gorse Bush, Green Tea Leaves, Hawthorn Bush, Hoarwithy Bush, Holly Bush, Mastic Bush, Prune, Raisins, Raspberry Bush, Redcurrant Bush, Sandthorn Bush, Seeds of Sprouted Barley, Seeds of Sprouted Wheat, Silkworm, Spindle Bush, Sponge, Tea Bush, Tibast Bush, Tree, Tundra Rose Bush, Wild Windsown Weed, Witherstand
Repaired With Finer Plant Fibre
Can be Lifted Yes
Hit Points 100
Soak Value None
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Production & Processing > Herbalist Table

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Used with a Treeplanter's Pot and any one of Apple Core, Fir Cone, Mulberry, nut, pine cone or any catkin to create a new Tree of that type. Also used to dry Wild Windsown Weeds to random seeds, to hatch Silkworms, to cure Hemp Buds, to dry Tobacco leaves, to dry Raisins from Grapes, to dry and ferment Tea leaves, to dry Boiled Pepper Drupes, and to germinate Barley Seeds & Wheat Seeds for beermaking.

How to Acquire

Building an Herbalist Table requires plant fibres, which may be difficult to find for new players.

1. Ask somebody nicely for plant fibres.

2. If nobody's willing to donate or trade, and you can't acquire them by less legal means, then harvest your own fibres from Hemp Crop or Flax Crop. To get those, dry wild windsown weeds (WWW) on a drying frame, and with a random chance you get a flax or hemp seed. Plant seeds into plowed land, wait, harvest, gather the fibres, repeat. While drying WWWs on the Herbalist Table is much faster than on a frame (Real time: 2.6h instead of 16h), you can start farming without a table and build one after you get hemp or flax.

How to use

Place any of the precursors of items mentioned above to the Herbalist Table and wait. Trees take 1 hour and 15 minutes to sprout from treeplanter's pots; Silkworm Eggs take 8 hours to hatch; Fresh Tea Leaves take 40 minutes to dry into green tea leaves; those ferment into Black Tea Leaves in 16 hours if left on the table. However the quality of black tea leaves will be closer to the quality of the table than the green tea ones, so be careful if your Herbalist Table quality is less than quality of your Fresh Tea Leaves. However making black tea is beneficial if your Herbalist Table q > Fresh Tea Leaves q)

You can also dry WWWs on the table.

If you are looking for wheat or barley, drying WWWs on the table actually is recommended (as long as your table is the same quality of the seeds or higher). If a WWW dries into wheat seeds or Barley Seeds and is left on the table, it will germinate; even if you do not wish to use the germinated seeds to malt into beer, only four germinated seeds are required to plant one tile of wheat/barley rather than the usual five. This, combined with the positive influence of a high-quality herbalist table, makes germinating seeds quite desirable, especially if you do not already have a satisfactory wheat or barley crop.


When placing down many Herbalist Tables in a house (perhaps for a silk factory), it is possible to save a significant amount of floor space by arranging the tables off of the grid and on adjacent pixels. This is accomplished by right-clicking the table while lifting it and holding down the control key to move the table off of the axis. When placed completely adjacent, Herbalist Tables each take up only 7/11ths of a tile.


The quality of anything produced on a table is the average of the precursor item and the table quality. Wild Windsown Weeds are the exception - the output quality of seeds does not depend on the quality of the table.

The quality of an Herbalist Table is:

To check a existing Herbalist Table quality, use

Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Inspect


The lengths of time it takes to get the various items from their precursor items on an Herbalist Table are as follows:

Item Real Time In-Game Time Product Notes
Bat Wings 21:53:04 72:00:00 Dried Batwings Game: 3d (Real: 21h 53m )
Boiled Pepper Drupes 36:28:27 120:00:00 Dried Pepper Drupes Game: 5d (Real: 1d 12h 28m )
Camomile 58:21:31 192:00:00 Dried Camomile Game: 8d (Real: 2d 10h 22m )
Fresh Hemp Bud 36:28:27 120:00:00 Cured Hemp Bud Game: 5d (Real: 1d 12h 28m )
Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed 36:28:27 120:00:00 Cured Pipeweed Game: 5d (Real: 1d 12h 28m )
Grapes 00:50:27 02:46:00 Raisins
Green Tea Leaves 14:35:23 48:00:00 Black Tea Leaves Game: 2d (Real: 14h 35m )
Morels 29:10:46 96:00:00 Dried Morels Game: 4d (Real: 1d 5h 11m )
Seeds of Barley 14:35:23 48:00:00 Seeds of Sprouted Barley Game: 2d (Real: 14h 35m )
Seeds of Wheat 14:35:23 48:00:00 Seeds of Sprouted Wheat Game: 2d (Real: 14h 35m )
Silkworm Egg 07:17:41 24:00:00 Silkworm Game: 1d (Real: 7h 18m )
Seasponge 29:11:00 96:00:00 Sponge Game: 4d (Real: 1d 5h 11m )
Tea Leaves 00:36:28 02:00:00 Green Tea Leaves
Treeplanter's Pot 01:12:57 04:00:00 Sprouted Sapling Success chance depends on Skills
Wild Windsown Weed 02:25:54 08:00:00 Seed Enough to plant only 1 tile

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