Arrowwood Bush

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Arrowwood Bush
Arrowwood Bush.png
Size 1 x 1
Skills(s) Required None
Produced By Herbalist Table Or Hand
Grown From Arrowwood Berries
Can be Lifted yes
Fruit Arrowwood Berries
Fruit Qty 4
Branches 1-7
Blocks (none)
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The Arrowwood Bush is one of the many Bushes found in the Hearthlands. It produces four inedible Berries and no Wood, making it close to useless.

Planting a Bush with a Shovel is a quicker and more direct way of planting Seeds, but may result in spontaneous stunting before full growth is achieved. Also, the Quality of a Tree planted with this method will be halved by the Quality of the Seeds used, although it can not be lower than 10. Take caution when planting any Tree or Bush this way.