Ice Block

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Ice Block
Ice block.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Produced By Pickaxe on a frozen water tile
Required By (1) Snow
Can be Lifted Yes
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Ice Block is an object that can be produced from frozen water tiles during the winter season, when most rivers and bodies of water freezes over along with growing snow enveloping most of the world.

Player can right click the Ice Block to "shave snow" from it, producing anywhere from 10-16 snow pieces per block.

Ice Blocks, when stored, can serve as a quick and easy way for players to obtain snow for later to craft Cold Compresses (as they can melt and cannot be stored for long) and Fruit Sorbets. This is especially useful for players who live far away from mountains with snowcaps, as that is the standard way of acquiring snow during warmer seasons.

How to Acquire

Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Dig

Ice Block can be produced by digging from a frozen water tile using a pickaxe.


  • Ice Block can be loaded onto a Cart for transport, but cannot be loaded onto a Wagon.
  • Ice Block will eventually melt, however players can preserve them for much longer by storing them in a cellar.
    • Players has reported that the cellar storage method can prevent the Ice Block from melting almost up to the next winter season (given that they harvest and store the Ice Blocks toward the end of the current winter season - confirmed, cellar ice disappeared on the 13th of the 6th month, 2 days before winter start).

example of optimal storage of Ice Blocks in cellar

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