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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Locks & Bolts
Object(s) Required Bar of Any Metal, Block of Wood x20, Board x5; Great Hall or Log Cabin or Stone Mansion or Stone Tower or Stonestead or Timber House or Windmill; AND Pickaxe
Can be Lifted No
Can be Locked Yes
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Buildings & Construction > Economy & Extensions > Construct Cellar

  • Cellars give a great deal more space for storage inside.
  • They also protect items inside from the decay usually encountered outside.
  • Cellars can also be used to make Cheese when a Cheese Rack is placed inside of it.
  • Only one cellar entrance can be created per building.
  • A cellar entrance cannot be moved once built.
  • You can stand on a cellar door, and place containers and other objects upon it.
  • Players has reported that Ice Blocks stored in cellar do not melt almost up until to the next winter season (given that they harvest and store the Ice Blocks toward the end of the current winter season.)

How to Acquire

You can only build a cellar on the ground floor in a constructed house. You must have Locks & Bolts and have discovered the necessary materials to do this.

  • Enter the ground floor of your house.
  • Activate cellar building. (see above menu-keys part)
  • Choose a location for the cellar door to create the build signpost.
  • Once you have completed the construction, equip a Pickaxe and right click on the newly-constructed cellar door, you will need to remove boulders one at a time.
  • Once all boulders are removed from the cellar, it may be entered and used.

The skill Locks & Bolts is required only for the construction of the cellar, players without the skill are able to remove the boulders.

  • The Log Cabin requires 16 boulders to be removed and produces a 6x4 cellar.
  • The Timber House requires 24 boulders to be removed and produces a 9x6 cellar.
  • The Stone Mansion requires 48 boulders to be removed and produces a 12x8 cellar.
  • The Stonestead requires 24 boulders to be removed and produces a 7x8 cellar.
  • The Stone Tower requires 56 boulders to be removed and produces a 14x14 cellar.
  • The Great Hall requires 96 boulders to be removed and produces a 14x14 cellar.
  • The Windmill requires 40 boulders to be removed and produces a 8x8 cellar.


  • All cellars have two squares which are effectively unusable: the staircase which is always in the upper left corner of the cellar and the square directly in front of it.
  • The color scheme of the doorway is the most used board and the outlining square is the block. Both use the inner color scheme, not the bark. It does not use a secondary board/block at all. The handle relies on the metal.
  • A Minehole may be built inside of a cellar. Doing so will only have the Minehole go to the level directly below the one the house is built on. Not below the level the cellar would technically be on.