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Fill a curding tub with cowsmilk, goatsmilk or sheepsmilk (don't mix the milks!) and rennet. As long as the tub has at least 1.0L of milk and 0.02L of rennet, it'll produce one Cheese Curd every 36 minutes (real-time). Curd can be either eaten for 1 strength FEP or used to fill a cheese tray. Cheese trays, filled with 4 curds and placed on a cheese rack, will slowly turn into cheese. Stage 1 cheese can be further aged into stage 2 cheese, and so forth (refer to flow chart below). The time of each stage is dependent upon the type of cheese being made.


Which of the four locations the rack resides in determines which type of cheese is produced:

  • Cabin or inside means inside a house on any floor (except Cellar)
  • Cellar means inside a Cellar of any building.
  • Outside refers to outside area on the world surface.
  • Mine refers to outside area underground in either natural caves or mines.

Only latest inner location affects a product. E.g. if cheese rack is placed inside cellar of a log cabin inside some mine then its current location is determined as cellar


Below you can find cheese stage charts with locations and estimate time required to obtain next stage and product's stats. All other sequences than mentioned in the schema will return Generic Gouda in Game: 9d (Real: 65h 39m). Please see specific cheese page for detailed info (precise timing etc.)

FEP information

See Cheese category page for per-cheese FEP table.

Cow cheese tree

Cheese Tree

Sheep cheese tree

Cheese Tree

Goat cheese tree

Cheese Tree


  • Mixing goat, sheep, aurochs and cow milk will make all milk for that curding batch only make Generic Gouda.
  • Wild Aurochs milk will only create Generic Gouda.
  • Slicing cheese from a cheese tray has a small chance of producing The Perfect Hole.
  • Quality of cheese is softcapped by cheese tray for every stage.
  • As of Raw Trucker: "The quality of cheese racks no longer matters for cheese quality. Tray quality still matters. You. Are. Welcome." - Jorb

Game Development

  • Hat Placement (2022-11-04) >"Adjusted Cheese Timers. Cheese should now no longer begin to transform again without being replaced in a rack. I.e. all cheese stages are stable until you replace the trays in racks. Inspired by this."