Cheese Tray

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Cheese Tray
Cheese Tray.png
From top to bottom: empty tray, tray filled with curd, tray with cheese
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Carpentry ?, Animal Husbandry
Object(s) Required Board x 1
Produced By Hand
Discovery Req. Curd
Required By (37) Abbaye, Banon, Brique, Brodgar Blue Cheese, Bucheron, Cabrales, Caciotta, Cave Cheddar, Cellar Cheddar, Chabichou, Chabis, Creamy Camembert, Feta, Formaela, Garrotxa, Gbejna, Generic Gouda, Gevrik, Graviera, Halloumi, Harmesan Cheese, Jorbonzola, Kasseri, Majorero, Manchego, Midnight Blue Cheese, Mothzarella, Musky Milben, Oscypki, Pecorino, Picodon, Robiola, Roncal, Sunlit Stilton, Tasty Emmentaler, The Perfect Hole, Zamorano
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A cheese tray can be filled with 4 curd to produce cheese. The quality of the cheese tray plays a role in the quality of the cheese after it ages. You need to have discovered cheese curds before you can build these.

How to Acquire

Crafted with 1 board. Cheese Tray quality is softcapped by .

If the cheese tray is lower quality than the curd, the cheeseQ will be softcapped by tray in each stage. If the cheese tray is higher quality than the curd, the cheeseQ will be the same as the curdQ, when sliced.