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"The three drew up along the Tostan,
To there do nail and build,
A mighty Hall of Oak and Cedars."

LP Cost 200
Boat Building, Locks & Bolts, Wheelwrighting
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (69) Ancestral Shrine, Antler Steak Cutlery, Arched Chair, Barrel, Beer, Board, Bucket, Cheese Rack, Cheese Tray, Clogs, Cloth Armchair, Cloth Chair, Cloth Footstool, Coffer, Compost Bin, Cottage Table, Cottage Throne, Crate, Cupboard, Curding Tub, Cushioned Bench, Cushioned Stool, Dressing Table, Dry Stone Fence, Exquisite Chest, Feather Duster, Fine Sofa, Flute, Garden Bench, Granary, Hirdsman's Helmet, Large Chest, Log Cabin, Long Bench, Notice Board, Ram Chair, Rocking Chair, Rocking Horse, Roundpole Fence, Royal Stool, Rustic Chair, Rustic Table, Signboard, Skull Cup, Smoke Shed, Splint, Stonestead, Study Desk, Sturdy Bed, Tafl Board, Tarsticks, Timber House, Torchpost, Wall Shelf, Wardrobe, Weißbier, Well, Wicker Breadbasket, Wilderness Beacon, Wine Rack, Wondrous Woodshaving, Wood Incorrupt, Wooden Chest, Wooden Cutlery, Wooden Plate, Wooden Plow, Wooden Roundshield, Wooden Shovel, Written Sign
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"You have learned how to saw boards from logs, and more advanced constructions have also been made available to you, provided you know the right materials."

Note: Carpentry is not only a basic skill but also an incrementable ability.

This skill allows you to build various wooden structures and vehicles, to craft wooden objects, and to cut Logs into Boards. Unlike some other crafting skills, the quality of Carpentry products is not known to be affected by any Attribute and is instead only affected by the incremental Carpentry skill.

Do note that wood is not hard capped. For beginners with access to only q10 trees, this is a very good thing. If you happen across dead animal, get the bones and make yourself a Bone Saw. The highest quality Board you can get is sqrt(bone saw q * tree q). If you get a q54 bone saw, q10 trees can make up to q23 boards. Raising your carp to 23 in that case will produce the best boards you can make. The quality of the board is the average of the boards maximum quality and your carpentry skill, obviously capped by the max. Higher quality boards raise the quality of tanning tubs and therefore leather you produce. For beginners, leather is probably the first tradable item you will be able to produce after Foraging for things.

What it does:

Carpentry allows you to create a variety of things from boards, such as:

And others.