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For the similarly named modifier, see Glossary#Learning_Ability

Abilities are your Learned skills, and as such are bought using Learning Points. All abilities start at 1, and cost:

Learned skills are nonrefundable, so choose wisely. Like Attributes, Abilities can be buffed or debuffed by Wounds and Equipment

Combat Abilities

Unarmed Combat

Equipment which modifies Unarmed Combat

Cutthroat Cuirass3
Goat Mask3
Grand Troll Helm10
Whaler's Jacket5

Melee Combat

Equipment which modifies Melee Combat

Bone Greaves5
Cutthroat Cuirass5
Dragon Helm5
Mammoth Guard10
Snakeskin Boots2
Thane's Ring10


Equipment which modifies Marksmanship

(Nothing found)

Non Combat Abilities


  • Determines the visibility of Foragables with
  • Criminal Acts, leave behind a Scent that can be seen if the trackers is more than half that of the perpetrators

Equipment which modifies Exploration

Fox Hat2


  • Determines visibility of scents based on vs
  • Makes the tracking pie slice wider/less precise.
  • Increases cool-down on scents left by the player.
  • Your own scents do not care that they came from you. So, depending on you attribute levels, you might not see your own scents

Equipment which modifies Stealth

Bandit's Mask2
Cutthroat Cuirass5
Druid's Cloak15
Snakeskin Boots5


  • Determines the softcap of craftable leather/fabric items with

Equipment which modifies Sewing

Clothier's Thimble5


  • Determines the softcap of metal items with
  • Determines the softcap of jewelry with
  • Smithing does not affect the quality of wrought iron, steel, or bronze.

Equipment which modifies Smithing

Forge Ring10


  • hardcaps the quality of clay gathered
  • Masonry governs all things related to pottery, ceramics, and stoneworking.
  • Hard caps the quality of stone and ore mined from cave walls, clay and stone dug from the ground, and foraged clay.

Equipment which modifies Masonry

Boreworm Mask5
Cave Coral Ring5


  • Determines the softcap of wooden items, notably boards with

Equipment which modifies Carpentry

Beaver Cap2


  • Determines the quality of baked goods and other foods with
  • Determines the softcap of many cooked foods with
  • Some inedible products like Bone Glue and Candleberry Wax also use

Equipment which modifies Cooking

The Perfect Hole2


  • Allows the quality of the seeds/plants to increase after planting (with a randomized range of -2 to +5 final quality). If seed quality is greater than farming skill, the crop quality will always be less than or equal to seed quality (randomized range of -2 to 0).
  • Used as a softcap for many craftable items, such as Straw Doll.
  • Softcap products from butchering tamed animals (hides, meat, entrails, bones).

For the unlockable skill and general information, see Farming.

Equipment which modifies Farming:

Druid's Cloak5
Druid's Ring5
Goat Mask5
Reindeer Cape3
Straw Hat3


Equipment which modifies Survival

(Nothing found)


  • Lore is a general measure of Wisdom, relevant for "magical" or otherwise involved tasks.
  • Used to softcap quality of many crafted items.
  • Majority of crafted curiosities use Lore in their softcap formula.
  • Authority gained equals base LP gained multiplied with
  • More uses are intended to be implemented later

Equipment which modifies Lore

Adderfang Amulet2
Darkwood Ring3
Druid's Ring5
Mask of the Green Man20
Rabbit's Foot Necklace5

Quick Facts

Ability Level Costs, From First Level

Level Cost (LP)
5 1,400
10 5,400
25 32,400
50 127,400
100 504,900
250 3,137,400
500 12,524,900
1,000 50,049,900