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Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Toggles > Toggle Criminal Acts

Criminal Acts refer to any action that your character will refuse to do unless "Criminal Acts" is toggled on, and the relevant Skills are learned.


When toggled on, and with the appropriate skills learned, the following actions are possible:

  • Trespassing - The act of stepping on another character's claimed land.

It is not trespassing if you tread on the land of someone who has made you a Kin and given you permission to do so. You will not be prompted - if criminal acts are off - to turn them on.

  • Vandalism - The act of destroying, or attempting to destroy, the claimed property of another character.
  • Theft - The act of stealing, or attempting to steal, the claimed property of another character.
  • Assault - Requires Rage - The act of attacking another character in any regards, except if that character is on your Personal Claim or Village Claim.
  • Battery - Requires Rage - The act of knocking another character unconscious, in any circumstance, except if that character is on your Personal Claim or Village Claim.
  • Murder - The act of killing another character.

All of these crimes will damage the player for 1 SHP per crime committed.


Each of these crimes, when committed, will leave a Scent which can either be used to track you, your hearthfire, or in the event of Theft, track the item that was stolen. While it is true that normally, the person the crime was committed against will normally be the one to do this, Rangers - players who track scents to punish the perpetrator - will often be the one who track crimes to their source.

Alternatively, Scents of Vandalism, Battery, Theft and Murder can be used to craft Nidbane Fetters, which summon Nidbanes to attack perpetrators of crimes. Nidbanes have stats that scale with the respective crime, with the strongest Nidbanes being driven by Murder. Nidbanes will attempt to kill the criminal used to summon them and take their Hearthling Skull, denying their next character 10% of their ancestor's LP via burial.

For more information on tracking and scents, see Scent.