Bar of Wrought Iron

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Bar of Wrought Iron
Bar of Wrought Iron.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bloom
Produced By Anvil, Smithy's Hammer
Specific Type of Bar of Hard Metal, Bar of Any Metal, Bar of Common Metal
Required By Bar of Steel, Brickwall, Butcher's Cleaver, Chainmail Shirt, Coinpress, Druid's Helm, Fyrdsman's Sword, Hirdsman's Helmet, Mine Hole, Steel Crucible, Winged Helmet, Wrought Iron Nugget, (Bar of Hard Metal: Anvil, Armored Striders, Cutthroat Knuckles, Dressing Table, Finery Forge, Gridiron, Hussar's Wings, Large Chest, Meatgrinder, Metal Axe, Metal Plow, Metal Saw, Metal Shovel, Mine Hole, Miner's Helm, Nidbane Fetter, Nugget of Hard Metal, Ore Smelter, Pickaxe, Raider's Cap, Scythe, Shears, Sledgehammer, Smithy's Hammer, Stone Column, Stone Mansion, Woodsman's Axe), (Bar of Any Metal: Alchemist's Table, Battle Standard, Bell Fountain, Boar Spear, Brazier, Candelabrum, Candle Crown, Cellar, Charter Stone, Coins, Coronation Stone, Fealty Stone, Garden Bench, Glass Blowing Rod, Grand Belt, Hatrack, Kicksled, Lantern, Lantern Hanger, Lantern Stand, Metal Cabinet, Metal Lock, Metal Saucière, Mine Beam, Mine Hole, Packrack, Postbox, Royal Stool, Royal Throne, Seamark, Ship Dock, Statue of the Chieftain, Still, Stone Tower, Stonestead, Village Claim, Wagon, Wagon Station, Windmill), (Bar of Common Metal: Branding Iron, Frying Pan, Knarr, Metal Cauldron, Mine Elevator, Mine Support, Nugget of Any Metal, Nugget of Common Metal)
Stockpile Bar of Any Metal (25)
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Bar of Wrought Iron is a type of metal acquired from Mining and Smelting Metal Ores using buildings such as an Ore Smelter, Crucible, or Finery Forge. Due to the inherent dangers of mining and relative scarcity of ore, all types of metal are highly sought after. A Bar of Wrought Iron can be used to craft any tool or building requiring a Bar of Hard Metal, as well as any tool or metal requiring a Bar of Common Metal.

How to Acquire

Place up to 9 Bars of Cast Iron into a Finery Forge and fuel it with 2 Coal. After a few minutes, each of the cast iron left inside has a 50% chance of turning into either a Bloom or Dross.

At an Anvil with a Smithy's Hammer equipped, one unit of Bloom can be converted into a Bar of Wrought Iron with a one-in-three chance. If the bloom does not become a Bar of Wrought Iron, it instead becomes a Bar of Cast Iron.

For a character without specific skills, this means that the inputs to a finery forge can become the following with the stated chances:

  1. 1-in-2 chance of becoming dross (50%).
  2. 1-in-3 chance of becoming cast iron (33.3%).
  3. 1-in-6 chance of becoming wrought iron (16.7%).

This is after one iteration. Cast iron created this way can be used in the finery forge again with identical chances as in the first iteration.


Bar of Wrought Iron Quality = Bloom Quality. However, the Anvil and Smithy's Hammer quality will soft cap the resulting wrought iron, using an unknown formula.

There is a chance the quality will go up or down when hammering bloom, this can be used to "spiral" or "crit" metal.

  1. 10% chance it will go up by 20%
  2. 40% chance it will go down by 20%
  3. 50% chance it will stay the same.


  • Chances improve with specific skills, Steelmaking, Metallurgy, and Deep Artifice