Nugget of Any Metal

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Nugget of Any Metal
Nugget of Any Metal.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Bronze Nugget, Cast Iron Nugget, Copper Nugget, Lead Nugget, Meteoric Iron Nugget, Steel Nugget, Tin Nugget, Wrought Iron Nugget, or Bar of Common Metal
Required By (15) Bar of Any Metal, Cave Battery, Display Case, Drinking Horn, Fossil Lapel Pin, Heart Cookie Cutter, Man Cookie Cutter, Metal Mug, Metal Plate, Pepper Shaker, Signboard, Snow Globe, Soft Metal Cutlery, Stitch Patch, Woman Cookie Cutter
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Nugget of Any Metal is a game class-type referring to one of the following 12 game-objects:

 Bronze Nugget (3) Bronze Nugget.png Cast Iron Nugget  Cast Iron Nugget.png Copper Nugget (5) Copper Nugget.png Gold Egg  Gold Egg.png Gold Nugget (17) Gold Nugget.png Lead Nugget (5) Lead Nugget.png Meteoric Iron Nugget (1) Meteoric Iron Nugget.png Rose Gold Nugget (2) Rose Gold Nugget.png Silver Nugget (13) Silver Nugget.png Steel Nugget (5) Steel Nugget.png Tin Nugget (8) Tin Nugget.png Wrought Iron Nugget  Wrought Iron Nugget.png

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that type-group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item.

Main "Generics" page

Any of these can be used in the recipes that require a Nugget of Any Metal.

Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Processing & Materials > Smithing & Metals > Smelt Metal Nuggets

Nuggets of any metal are used in the crafting of a variety Gildings, Curiosities, and Equipment.

How to Acquire

Nuggets are made by using the craft with a lit Crucible while holding a Bar of Common Metal. This gives 10 nuggets of the respective metal, usable in crafting, or smeltable back to a bar.


The quality of a nugget is dependent upon the quality of the bar being crafted into nuggets. Neither the quality of the Crucible or fuel affects the quality of nuggets.

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