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Page Notices:

  • DISC: This page reflects a discontinued Haven & Hearth mechanic that has been removed/disabled.
    As of world 13, Seamarks are no longer available and Thingwalls are used for purpose of realm expansion.
To disable a particular Tag-message, after checking/fixing the related issue.
Remove the related TAG from the 'Pagenotice' call, or remove the whole 'Pagenotice' call.
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Clay x50, Stone x20, Bar of Any Metal x5, Tarsticks x5
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points (unknown)
Soak Value (unknown)
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Seamarks were a Realm Authority objects which could only be built on water tiles.

Game Development

  • World 12 (2020-03-06) >"Seamarks are now normal authority objects, spreading Realm authority in an area around them. They can be built even on deep ocean tiles."
  • Rhyme of the Ancient Seamark (2019-03-21) >"Added "Seamarks". Seamarks are a Realm Authority object which can only be built on shallow ocean tiles. Once a Seamark has been constructed within your Realm, you are allowed, once every 48 hours, to place a new Seamark anywhere in the world, without having to first connect your Realm to that point, thus allowing you to spread the Realm across oceans. Fun times!"