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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Yeomanry
Object(s) Required - Initial Cornerpost:
Brick x250, Stone x50, Bar of Wrought Iron x10

- Subsequent Cornerposts:
Brick x40, Stone x10, Bar of Wrought Iron x5
- Wall Sections:
Brick x8, Stone x2
- Gate:
Brick x50, Stone x25, Bar of Steel x5
- Big Gate:
Brick x60, Stone x25, Bar of Steel x7

Repaired With ?
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 10000
Soak Value 50
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Buildings & Construction > Walls & Fences > Brickwall

A very sturdy wall. Indestructible without Battering Ram once dry. Can be repaired for 500 health every two hours.

How to Acquire

Begin by constructing a cornerpost, after it sets right click the cornerpost to expand the wall south, north, west or east. Placing a new cornerpost using a wall segment is needed to change direction, or extend for prepare for gate(subsequent cornerposts require less materials).

Two free tiles flanked by cornerposts on both sides make possible a gate. Once a gate has been built a player can attach a lock.

A freshly built brickwall's soak will increase slowly from zero to full over the course of several days. For roughly the first 24 hours, the brickwall will have no soak. This means that it can be broken with a starting character with only 10 Strength. After about 22 hours, its soak will slowly start to rise at 1 point per hour. It takes 4 full days for a brickwall to harden completely.


Brick Wall and Palisade give players two options when building gates, a normal gate or a visitor gate.

Normal gate, when opened, allow any players to pass through normally with no exceptions.

Visitor gate however, will apply a Visitor buff to any players (except the owner) who pass through it. The Visitor buff prevent a player from committing any Criminal Acts, including initiating or engaging in combat, even if the criminal acts are toggled on. Thus, these gates are ideal for letting in strangers or players that you do not fully trust for making a trade or a tour of your base, or to provide a peaceful public area within your claim for a market or inn. Visitor gates are marked with two red flags as shown bellow.

  • WARNING: Visitor gate prevent anyone in combat to pass through it (both PvP and PvE combat), even the owner. It is recommended to have both normal and visitor gates on your claim, even if you intend to utilize visitor gates on most parts of your base, so that you can pass through your walls safely (via normal gates) when being chased by animals or other players while still in combat.
  • Note: there is no way to remove the visitor buff while inside the claim, it can only be removed by exiting the claim.

Gates Example.png A Normal Gate next to a Visitor Gate.


For extensive help and additional information, see the Notes: section on Palisades.

Old info: (presumably the formula can be used and multiplied by 0.8 for bricks and 0.2 for stone) To calculate the minimal [1] brick cost of a rectangular x*y sized brickwall one can use this formula: 465+20*(x+y) (formula based on 1 gate, 1 initial cornerpost and 4 subsequent cornerposts). Or use this calculator.

  • [1] Minimal: With the gate attached to one of the four corner CornerPosts. For a free positioned gate somewhere else in the wall. Add 40 more bricks.

Game Development

  • Hairy Mallard (2016-12-14) >"Added bigger gates, When you place a cornerpost in preparation for a gate, you may now choose to place the second cornerpost two or three tiles apart, by simply holding the placement cursor farther away. If the latter, you will place and build a three tile wide gate, rather than a two tile wide one. Otherwise pretty self-explanatory. May add even larger gates in the future."