Wrecking Ball

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Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Wheelwrighting
Object(s) Required Board x10, Block x30, Stone x20, Bone Glue x5, Hardened Leather x1, Rope x4
Repaired With Bone Glue
Can be Lifted Yes
Hit Points 150
Soak Value None
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Siege Equipment > Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball is a powerful siege engine that cannot move, but instead must be disassembled, carried and reassembled (thus resetting the 22 hour drying period before usage).

After building a Wrecking Ball, it takes Game: 3d (Real: 21h 53m ) for the glue to dry and make it usable.

After placing a Wrecking Ball right-click it to see if an option to Wreck is available. If this option is not available, you placed the Wrecking Ball incorrectly. (The business end on a folded wrecking ball is where the nails are located)

Since the Darkwood Gilding update, wrecking balls can no longer be assembled or used on a claim without permissions, this includes targeting a claimed wall from outside the claim. Breaking into somebody else's base requires a Battering Ram instead.

How to use

Unlike the Battering Ram, the Wrecking Ball does not require brimstone to build offering an inexpensive siege option at the cost of time. You have to build the wrecking ball so that the stakes (the wooden things on the legs) are facing your character when placing it. (See picture to the right or below for reference)

When placing the wrecking ball, you will have to hold shift+ctrl in order to move the Wrecking Ball closer to the wall. This is a must as you will not get a selection to "wreck" if the wrecking ball is not placed close enough.

First lift the wrecking ball, then right click on it. This will give you a ghost of the wrecking ball to place. But before you place it, hold down shift and ctrl and use the right or left keyboard arrow to rotate it so that the wedges are on the side away from the object you wish to wreck. You will need to hold down both shift and control at the same time as you click on the keyboard arrow.

If using a custom client, you can bring up the "bounding boxes view" (shift+B) in order to help you in placing the wrecking ball more accurately. From some angles the wrecking ball will appear to be placed overlapping on the object you want to wreck, and from others there will be a visible gap, so you may need to adjust the placement to put it down.

Note: A wrecking ball will not work unless it has a unambiguous swing on a single target. Or in other words, targeting two pali sections by placing it in the middle of them ... will not work.

Visual of how to place the Wrecking Ball:

Wball placement.jpg


The base damage of the Wrecking Ball is a static 40 damage. Therefore, damage can be calculated as follows:

Only one person can operate wrecking ball at the same time.

Pickaxe or Sledgehammer does not help while using a Wrecking Ball.


  • Splash damage does occur when using a wrecking ball (walls only).
  • The wrecking ball has no quality so it can be built using low quality materials.
  • Always check for the "wreck" option after placing+assembling a wrecking ball to make sure its properly placed.
  • The wrecking ball has no terrain-slope limitation. (other than cliffs, presumed)
  • A wrecking ball doesn't need to be placed close up to its target. Its border can be almost one tile-length from its intended target.
    • Placing a Wrecking Ball inside a open gate is possible. But if the target is in the next tile (front or back). The front end of the wrecking ball probably needs to be right up close to the target. Or else it will just target the gate itself.
  • A dried wrecking ball can be re-used immediately on any secondary target that is in range. But also on any, newly placed, moveables objects (like for example a tree-log, which disappears more or less instantly).


Game Development

  • Darkwood Gilding (2022-10-16) >"Since "Wrecking Ball"s are apparently the hot new meta for breaking into bases, we made it so that "Wrecking Ball"s can only ever be deployed or used with appropriate permissions."
  • Rekt!-ing Ball (2016-04-19) >"Added Wrecking Ball. The Wrecking Ball is intended to more or less take the place and function of the present battering ram.
    Wrecking Ball dries after 24 hours.
    Wrecking Ball cannot move, but rather has to be disassembled, carried, and reassembled, giving it another 24 hour drying period.
    Wrecking Ball deals 40 + operator's damage per hit.
    Wrecking Ball takes no damage from hitting.
    Wrecking Ball requires no brimstone to build or repair.