Battering Ram

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Battering Ram
Battering Ram.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 2
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Wheelwrighting,Siegecraft
Object(s) Required Board x20, Block of Wood x30, Bone Glue x5, Hardened Leather x4, Rope x4, Brimstone x4
Repaired With Bone Glue x2 (6 hours to be usable again, 2RL)
Hit Points 1250
Soak Value 8
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Siege Equipment > Battering Ram

A battering ram can break down walls, homes, or just scare the hell out of your neighbours with your military might.

After building a battering ram, it takes 24 real life hours for the glue to dry and make it usable on a palisade and 32 hours to make it usable on a brick wall. (This is assuming that the Claim being attacked is at full power.)

After repairs, it takes 2 hours instead of four to be used again.

If the wall isn't claimed, battering ram can be used immediately after construction.

How to use

To use the battering ram, right-click it and select "Move". Your cursor will change to a wrecking chain: Battering Ram Icon.png. You can now push the ram to where you click, so you can take it to the wall or building you wish to demolish. Simply moving it close to, and facing the target is enough. Next, release your grip on the ram, right-click it again, and now you should also have the "Use" option available.

If your strength is too low and you don't have people to help you, a Bear Cape can make for a nice boost.


The ram has a maximum health pool of 1250. Once this hits 500 the ram cannot be moved or used in any way and needs to be repaired.

Health is lowered by:

  • Ramming something.
  • Movement. Battering Rams take damage when moving, and will need to be repaired after each move. A Battering ram can move 7.5 tiles per move. Repairs take an hour.
  • Destroying the ram.

Health increases only with Bone Glue

  • One piece of bone glue are needed to fully repair from 500hp, but due to a rounding error you can spend a second bone glue repairing it for ~1 hp.
  • The repair cycle is started as soon as bone glue is used to repair.
  • Each cycle takes one hour and the ram is unusable for the duration.


The damage you deal while destroying is the square root of your strength. A ram adds a static 20 damage and allows up to 4 people to combine their damage.

Pickaxe or Sledgehammer does not help while using a battering ram.

Say we have 4 people attacking a palisade, one has 64 strength, the others have 124 strength. The damage you deal to the wall is calculate as follows:

  • Splash damage: When taking down a wall section, either trough ramming or bashing, the number of wall sections that might fall down is random. From the minimum of only the targeted wall section, to multiple adjacent sections of the wall, to the entire wall. Only walls of the same soak are affected.


Game Development

  • Bull Ram (2022-03-20) >"Added variable materials to "Battering Ram", giving them visual influence from the types of wood used to construct them."
  • Rotating Wolfdog (2022-01-16) >"Knarrs, Snekkjas, Battering Rams and Catapults, should all now refuse movements which require them to rotate into "hard" objects (houses, palisades, war flags, other siege engines, &c), thereby hopefully preventing various shenanigans with overlapping bounding boxes."
  • World 12 (2020-03-06) >"A Battering Ram requires 24h * the Claim's Power Level of drying time before it can destroy Palisades on the claim, and 32h * the Claim's Power Level of drying time before it can destroy Brick Walls on the claim."