Archery Tower

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Archery Tower
Archery Tower.png
Vital statistics
Size 1.1 x 1.1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Yeomanry
Object(s) Required Cloth x8, Block of Wood x20, Board x10, Rope x2
Repaired With Cloth
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points Yes (value unknown)
Soak Value 6
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Siege Equipment > Archery Tower

Archery Tower automatically fires at, and damage, any siege machine within range.

Building and Preparation

Archery Tower need a Game: 3h (Real: 0h 55m) minutes charge to start attacking other siege machines. It must be constructed at least five tiles away from any other archery tower. Has to be loaded with arrows.

Range and Damage

Archery Tower Range.png

Effective radius is random between about 16 to 20 tiles deep from the placement point, 180 degrees in front of it. Cannot damage players, animals, and other archery towers, only siege machines such as Catapult, Battering Ram. Effectively fire an arrow every five minutes. Quality of arrows does not matter (nor does the type of arrow), damage is random, taking between 4 and 20 shots to destroy a ram. Doesn't take damage when attacking unlike Catapults.

Decay and Destruction

60(this has changed, seems more in the range of ~24 now(w15)) hours(rt) after being built, the archery tower will begin decaying over time. Can be hand-bashed. The exclusion zone is active while the Rubble of an archery tower remains, meaning that destroyed towers will for some time (~20..24h(rt) I think) also block the construction of new towers.


  • (Flat ground) Archery tower's allows for a 1m (10 level units) ground deviation across the tiles its footprint is covering.
  • The exclusion zone is measured between the archery tower hitboxes. Effectively being a very rounded square.
  • Although a finished archery tower will prevent starting to build an other archery tower in its exclusion zone. A still unfinished archery tower build will not. (ie: no warning its to close to some other unfinished archery tower)
    • Finished archery towers will block completing unfinished archery tower builds. (ie: it will take all build resources, but will stay in construction mode)
  • To potentially prevent an attacker from building archery tower's near your walls, to hinder you from building yours, extend your claim accordingly.


Game Development

  • An Arrow to the Knee (2020-02-02) >"The exclusion zone for Archery Towers is now active while the rubble of it remains, meaning that destroyed towers will for some time block the construction of new towers."
  • Siege Chess (2019-04-03) >"Added Archery Towers. Archery towers can be loaded with arrows and automatically fire at, and damage, any siege machine within 180 degrees in front of them. They can be hand-bashed. Archery towers must be constructed at least five tiles away from other towers."
  • Siege Chess (2019-04-03) >"Archery towers need a one hour charge to attack other siege machines. They can never attack other archery towers."