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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Object(s) Required Any Clay
Produced By Kiln
Required By Brickwall, Coade Clay, Crucible, Finery Forge, Mine Hole, Ore Smelter, Oven, Potter's Clay, Smoke Shed, Steel Crucible
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Brick is a material commonly required for industrial constructions, such as Ore Smelters and Ovens. You must discover it by removal from a Kiln before you are able to build them.

How to Acquire

Bricks are produced by firing Clay in a Kiln. All types of clay can be fired, with these effects:

Kiln requires fuel equal to two branches to turn clay (excluding Coade Clay) into bricks lasting approximately 9 minutes.

Note: In W13 Acre & Ball brick colors where swapped. HnH Topic: Acre and Ball clay brick colors swtiched. (Apr 06, 2021)


Brick Quality =


  • Coade Clay seems to require notably more fuel than other clay types reaching 8% progression with two branches, more exact fuel requirement needs to be verified
    • early testing shows about 12 coal (24 branches) to be required to turn Coade Clay into Coade Stone, which takes about 1hr 30min real-time (feel free to corroborate/edit these values)

Game Development

  • Bumble Pyre (2021-05-16) >"Added "Coade Stone", a highly specific clay/ceramic which, in its brick form, can be used as stone."