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Vital statistics
Size 3.5 x 10.5
Storage Size 10 x 10
Skill(s) Required Boat Building
Object(s) Required Rope x75, Cloth x50, Tarsticks x50, Bar of Common Metal x20, Bone Glue x20, Board x 200, Block of Wood x100
Repaired With Tarsticks
Can be Locked Yes
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The Knarr is a large transport ship, capable of carrying 10 people and 64 units of cargo, such as bodies or chests. It also has a 10x10 inventory space for individual items. The Knarr has a base speed of four (which is the same as the rowboat), which increases ***asymptotically*** toward 8 with increased quality.

It has to be constructed in water, and must have a separately built Knarr Sail equipped to it for it to function. Only one person is required to operate it. A Wooden Lock, Metal Lock or Steel Lock can be installed into it to allow only people with the key to move it. Additionally, a Knarr cannot be lockpicked, meaning any lock can be installed to prevent theft altogether.

If damaged, Tarsticks can be used to repair a Knarr.


  • Knarr travels faster in deep water compared to Snekkja and tarred Rowboat, and has more health to witstand Deep Water damage, therefore it is the premier seafaring vessel of choice for those who has the resources to build one. Do note that Snekkja still travel faster in Shallow Water than Knarr.
  • Knarr cannot be destroyed by hand or regular tools; only siege weapons such as Wrecking Ball, Battering Ram, and Catapult can be used by players to damage and destroy it.
  • Players can teleport themselves and their Knarr back to a Ship Dock if they have one set for their ship.
  • Marriage of the Sea Realm Bonus may improve the quality of constructed Knarr by 12%.


Quality Speed Note
10 4 Same as Rowboat
40 5
90 6
160 7
250 8 Maximum speed


  • Create attuned lock and hold on to the master key. See Locks & Bolts.
  • Have attuned lock ready to install immediately after you finish the construction of Knarr.

Proceed with extreme caution as there is no way to remove a lock if you installed a wrong one. This is only applicable to already attuned locks that you do not have the master key. You normally shouldn't have any lying around but there have been multiple threads on forums about this happening, so here's this warning.

  • Create Slave Keys for people you wish to be able to use the Knarr. Avoid carrying these outside walls when not necessary.
  • If you are attacked while sailing the Knarr and seems like you can't escape, it's highly recommended to drops the Slave Key into water so that the Knarr can't be hijacked.

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