Fealty Stone

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As of world 13, Fealty Stones are no longer available and Thingwalls are used for purpose of realm expansion.


This page is outdated and reflects an old Haven & Hearth mechanic that has since been removed.

Fealty Stone
Fealty Stone.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic,Yeomanry and Lawspeaking
Object(s) Required Bar of Any Metal x5, Stone x75
Repaired With Stone
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points ?"?" is not a number.
Soak Value 0
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A Realm Object similar to the Village Banner which extends the Realm's claim in a square shape in a 101x101 tile area around it. The Fealty Stone drains no authority. Once built, it becomes immediately active. After 2 RL (Real Life) hours, further stones or cairns can be constructed on the claim.

The Fealty Stone is a small, easy to destroy, authority object, by which anyone can make small expansions to a Realm, at no cost in authority to the Realm. The idea being the people should be able to spread Realms small distances to cover themselves, their mines, and whatnot. ~jorb

How to Acquire

Fealty Stone must be placed on a flat 1x1 area and can be built only on realm's territory.


  • As of World 13, Fealty Stones are removed from game for good and can no longer be constructed.