Charter Stone

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Charter Stone
Charter Stone.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Stone Working ?
Object(s) Required Rock Crystal x1, A Beautiful Dream! x5, Stone x100, Bar of Any Metal x10
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 30000
Soak Value 20
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How to Use

Charter Stones function as direct Fast Travel (effectively teleportation) destinations for people who know their secret name, provided that their Will attribute is sufficient for the distance. Any Thingwall can be used as origin point. Another Charter Stone can not be used as an origin point.

The Charter Stone can always be deactivated and reactivated at the discretion of any villager with Manage territory privileges, should you need to turn it off. You can tell if it's active when the red core is lit. Turn it off simply by erasing its name and pressing enter. The core will become a dormant dull orange. The name can be changed at any time. [Verify: Turning the Stone on/off.]

How to Acquire

Charter Stones can only be built on existing village claims, on level and paved ground, and only by villagers with Manage territory Privileges. Only one may be built per village. A Charter Stone may only be built on the surface.


The look of Charter Stones differ based on the stone and metal used to create them. Any type of metal may be used which gives a wide variety of appearances.


  • Wilderness Beacon is more simple to build structure for spawning a new character. Disappears after used.
  • Travel attribute used to be Agility in Legacy, was changed to Charisma at w9 when Travel Weariness was re-implemented(verify) and to Will in w11.
  • The "starting grid" can vary world to world. Recently it has been pretty much anywhere on the map with various factors taken into account. In most older worlds, this was a radius out from the very center of the map. As of w12, all players have spawned in a more or less random location on the 'central' continent of the world map.
  • Charter Stones were removed at the start of the w13, but eventually re-added after the world was roughly six months old.

Game Development

  • Charter Shoo (2021-12-05) >"Re-Added "Charter Stone"s. A Village may build a Charter Stone on its territory, and set a (secret) name for it. Anyone can travel from any Thingwall to any Charter Stone they know the secret name of. You do not need to have visited the Charter Stone previously to travel to it. You can not travel between Charter Stones. You can set Charter Stones to allow the spawning of new characters by them. Porting to a "Charter Stone" will apply a visitor debuff to the character porting to it."
  • Fun Allowed (2016-01-04) >"Added Charter Stones. You can build one Charter Stone per village. A Charter Stone can be given a (unique) name, much the same as a Hearth Secret. From a Charter Stone you can travel to any other Charter Stone you know the name of. You can spawn new characters by Charter Stones by giving the Charter Stone name to the skull pole in the character creation room. You cannot use Charter Stones for travel if you are Outlawed."

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