Stone Working

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Stone Working
Stone Working.png

"Valind hew these stones,
Bearing in silent witness,
A boast to his father."

LP Cost 200
Metal Working, Mining
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (25) Bell Fountain, Charter Stone, Crude Idol, Dry Stone Fence, Feather Trinket, Flint Knife, Grave Cairn, Milestone, Obsidian Dagger, Paving, Polished Porphyry Beads, Quern, Runed Dolmen, Runestone, Sand Castle, Seer's Stones, Shiny Marbles, Stone Bench, Stone Casket, Stone Mansion, Stone Table, Stone Throne, Stone Tower, Strange Crystal Glass, Well
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"You have learned how to extract some measure of beauty and utility from the unfulfilled promises of wild rock and stone."

What it does

Stoneworking unlock the Mining skill, and stone paving ability.

Stoneworking allows you to make:

  • Quern (for grinding flour)
  • Runestone (for leaving messages permanently).

Also, it enables the Lay Stone Menu option.

(Adventure > Landscaping > Lay Stone) (See Paving)).


In Legacy version, In-Game Text for this skill has a quote:

"My grandfather's runestone was trapped in an unpleasant form. I have set it free."

Likely a homage to famous Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo:

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."