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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Stoneworking ?
Object(s) Required - Initial Milestone:
Stone x90, Rope x4

- Subsequent Milestones:
Stone x5

Hit Points Yes (value unknown)
Soak Value (unknown)
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Buildings & Construction > Roads & Logistics > Milestone

Milestones allow you to construct trials to teleport and pathfind along. They can't be built indoors.

How to Use

  • You can teleport using the milestone or a wooden roadsign.
  • Milestones can create/hold up to 4 tails, whereas Wooden Roadsigns can only create/hold 1 trail.
  • Milestones posts are a lot more difficult to grief than wooden roadsigns, with much higher soak and hp.
    • Exception: Any intermediate Milestones containing a broken trail is relative easy to destroy. (assuming zero soak)
  • You can build and connect 'to' a master wooden roadsign at the end of a milestone trail to allow bidirectional travel.
  • Travelling and exiting a trail at a non master trail post gives a "waylaid" debuff that lasts 10-15 minutes, allowing travel along the trail from any trail post.
    • Heartlings can hold up to 3 different waylaid debuff's. After which the last one is replaced by newer ones.
    • A waylaid debuff is also removed, or not given, when exiting at a related master trail post.


  • Milestone posts Range: 31 tiles (default placement). Manual: Smaller than 31.5 tiles.
  • "There is no space by the destination." message: Although the general spawn area around trail posts is ~6x6 tiles. The game itself looks for reachable tiles (to prevent potential spawning on the wrong side of a nearby wall). Or, if the direct area around the exit trail-post/(spawn point) is crowded by other objects, it usually fails to find a reachable free tile.

How to Acquire

Note: the paragraphs below are Legacy info and need to be verified/adjusted/rewritten

Once you have an initial milestone constructed, you can build mini milestones by right clicking the initial milestone. Continue right clicking the new milestones to create more. Link them, and you have a path-findable road(trail).

If you use a sign to connect the last stone to itself, it will make a character following the trail turn around at the end and start following the trail in the opposite direction instead of stopping at the end of the trail. You can no longer extend this trail. If you want to extend it, you'll have to destroy the last milestone. Then the new last milestone will have gone back to default last milestone behaviour.

Quoting Jorb

Build a milestone. (Right) Click "Extend". You now have a cursor to place a second milestone. The second milestone needs to be placed within 500 pixels of the one you just extended from. You can CTRL+LMB to walk with this cursor active (much like archery). Place as many milestones as seems adequate. On the original milestone, select "Make Trail". You now get to name the trail, and you'll be given a sign. Connect this trail sign to the next milestone. This next milestone can now be right clicked to retrieve yet another sign. Connect this new sign to the next milestone again, and, again, picking up new signs as you move along. Wash, rinse and repeat. Once you've connected up a nice little trail, you can now follow it by rightclicking on any of the connected milestones. Your dude will walk, and pathfind, as best as he can, along the road(trail).

The radius on the original milestone, shown during placement, is the "turn radius". Once the dude enters this circle, when following a trail, he'll start pathfinding towards the next stone(trail post) in line.

Word for the Wise

Road(Milestone) posts take a very high strength value to destroy, well above the strength you will have by the time you are able to build them. Even for established players they are time consuming to destroy. If you build a road(trail), make sure to place the posts relatively close together so you don't walk off the road(trail) (dragging carts this is a serious hazard). Plan out corners well in advance, and try to only build roads(trails) that won't interfere with other peoples building. No player likes taking these things down.

Game Development

  • Merry Igloo! (2021-12-19) >"Added some Road building QoL. A vector is now drawn between the previous Road sign, and the one you are currently placing, indicating the walk path the placement will yield. The game will by default prevent blocked roads from being built, but you can insist by holding shift."
  • Inbetween (2016-05-10) >"Made it so that milestones check for crimes against all the endpoints of all the trails connected to that milestone (by endpoint we mean the big base version of the road, and not just the point where it happens to end). If any endpoint on the trail would prohibit or impair actions against iself due to claim, and if none would explicitly allow it, destruction, extension, and reconnection, of the milestone also counts as a crime. Bottom line: As long as one endpoint of the trails of a milestone is claimed, and as long as no such endpoint allows vandalism for the character, the entire road should be protected by claim."