Wooden Roadsign

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Wooden Roadsign
Wooden Roadsign.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. None
Object(s) Required - Initial Roadsign:
Block of Wood x16

- Subsequent Roadsigns:
Block of Wood x3

Repaired With Block of Wood
(repairs 84% per unit)
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 150
Soak Value 5
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Wooden Roadsigns allow you to construct trails to teleport and pathfind along. They are a cheaper variant of Milestones.


  • Trail: The path between two or more connected trail posts.
  • Trail post: The actual wooden roadsigns or milestones.

How to Use

See also the Milestone page for additional information on trails.


The soak value of 5 only applies to mid-trail posts. Any broken trail end-/start-post, including the master-trails posts, have zero soak.


Tail posts decay from the trail start/end-posts inwards. Mid-trail posts seem to be exempt from normal decay.
(The general decay rate 'might' be higher on new trails/road-posts. Which could be time related, or perhaps repair related.)


  • A single intermediate trail post without any connections to other trail post is not considered a active trail (and as such it gives no options when clicked on)
  • A master trail post is also not really a trail. But allows one to start a new trail.
  • To connect an existing wooden roadsign trail to a master trial post(wooden or stone), the connection needs to be made from the wooden roadsign post to the master trial post.
    • Trying to make a connection from a master trial post to an existing trail on a wooden roadsign will not work. as this tries to create a new trail, and wooden roadsigns can only have one trail per trail post.

  • A looped, follow only, trail can be created by destroying the initial master trail post (using a master Wooden Roadsign advised for this) after building the trail. And then connecting the two remaining trail end-posts.
    • Mixing such a looped-trail with stone Milestones should be possible, but there might be some potential caveats in trying to do so. (for one: one might need to create the completed wooden looped-trail first to be able to potentially mix-in stone milestone afterwards.)




  • Can't be build on Dirt
  • Can't be build on Ice
  • Can't be build on Indoors.
  • Trail blocking objects are in general objects that can't be lifted. Like trees or the occasional Ant Hill. Stockpiles, although easily removed, also block trails. Bushes on the other hand, which can be lifted (which requires a shovel) do not block trails. An other notable exception are Village Banners that, although being walk-trough objects, also act as trail blockers (kinda like open gates).
  • Roadsign posts Range: 23 tiles (default placement). Manual: Smaller than 23.5 tiles.

Game Development

  • Merry Igloo! (2021-12-19) >"Added some Road building QoL. A vector is now drawn between the previous Road sign, and the one you are currently placing, indicating the walk path the placement will yield. The game will by default prevent blocked roads from being built, but you can insist by holding shift."
  • Inbetween (2016-05-10) >"Made it so that milestones check for crimes against all the endpoints of all the trails connected to that milestone (by endpoint we mean the big base version of the road, and not just the point where it happens to end). If any endpoint on the trail would prohibit or impair actions against iself due to claim, and if none would explicitly allow it, destruction, extension, and reconnection, of the milestone also counts as a crime. Bottom line: As long as one endpoint of the trails of a milestone is claimed, and as long as no such endpoint allows vandalism for the character, the entire road should be protected by claim."