Primitive Tools

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Primitive Tools
Primitive Tools.png

"Fashioned alone,
By fire at night,
With fire in mind,
Three Ashen staves."

LP Cost 0
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (2) Butcher's Cleaver, Wooden Box
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"They say that some mysterious forms are eternal lodestars written into the firmament of the Hearth. You think you could make a Stone Axe for yourself if you found the right materials."


This is one of the three skills every new player starts with, the others being Wilderness Survival and Oral Tradition.

The three basic tools that you can make are a bone saw, a kuksa and a stone axe. You cannot actually use the bone saw until you have the skill Carpentry. The kuksa is a birch bark cup, which you can drink water from. You need to find a birch tree to make one. The stone axe has multiple uses, as a primitive weapon and tool. It allows you to chop trees, remove stumps and cut logs into wood blocks. It also serves as a basic weapon in combat, allowing you to use the "Chop!" attack, if you have discovered it. With the bone saw and the carpentry skill you gain boards and can now build pretty much anything from wood, unless it requires other techs and materials.

The stone axe and bone saw will remain your main carpentry tools until you gain access to metals.