Wilderness Survival

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Wilderness Survival
Wilderness Survival.png

"Kodving broke the ice,
Skarm drew him up,
Logi saved them both."

LP Cost 0
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (17) Boiled Egg, Boiled Gooseneck Barnacle, Bone Greaves, Candy Apple, Fishwrap, Hearth Fire, Honey Gruel, Laurel-Crowned Roast, Leanto, Mushroom-Burst Glutton, Raw Laurel-Crowned Roast, Raw Mushroom-Burst Glutton, Stinging Salad, Torch, Torchpost, Twig of Spruce, Waterstrider
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"They say that the burning longings in the back of every Hearthling's mind are the ancient lores of Firemaking, and of Walking the Land & Wild. Any Hearthling who has passed through the Evergreen, and been burned into the world, knows how to build fire and shelter, provided she finds the right materials."

Every new player starts with this skill.


  • In Valhalla it can be discovered that not having this skill does not prevent you from building a fire or fireplace it does, however, prevent you from crafting a firebrand.