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Terraforming is how a player sculpts the environment around his or her character. Virtually all actions performed can be considered, to some extent, to be terraforming. There are however certain terrains and biomes which are harder or impossible to terraform. For example, Mountains cannot be raised or lowered in height through digging or surveys. Forest biomes must be cleared of Trees and Stumps before you can build. the three tiles adjacent to any water biome cannot be terraformed.


General built in, automated terraforming features.

  • Forest ground is actively upheld by trees. Forest ground outside the range of any tree will degrade to Grassland over time.
  • Dirt tiles will decay over time to forest or grassland tiles adjacent to it
  • Trees planted on a non forest terrain will eventually spawn a generic wald terrain as they grow.

Survey Land

Actsurvey.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Plant Survey)

Clicking and dragging will select a area of a maximum of 31x31 to be leveled. Right clicking the flag will open a menu to adjust the desired height to level to. Stockpiles of dirt, stone, and ore within the survey will be used to raise the level of the ground after all necessary digging is done.

See Survey for more detailed information

Removing Cliffs

Cliffs can be removed by raising the cliffs-bottom until the cliffs height becomes less then 20 units.
An easy way to do this is by placing a survey like so:

Plant Grass

Actgrass.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Plant Grass)

Requires Farming skill to perform.

This command converts a tile into Grassland, this also works on Cobblestone. Each tile has a very small chance of spawning Grassland wildlife or herbs to forage.

Requires 5 seeds of any type (Plant-able non-seed objects such as Hop Cones, Carrots, Beetroots, and Onions do not work.)


Actdig.png(Adventure -> Dig)

The Dig command lowers the level of most terrain except beaches, mountains, snow and caves and generates a resource depending on the terrain.

Terrain Resource received
Beach Sand
Shallow Water Ball Clay
Mountains Stone
Forests and Grasslands Soil and Earthworms
Mudflats Acre Clay
Caves undiggable
Swamps undiggable



  • Digging Soil by hand removes 1 dirt per action
  • A q10 Wooden Shovel removes 2 dirt per action
  • A q10 Metal Shovel removes 4 dirt per action
    • Shovels are also significantly faster and drain less stamina.
  • As of world 11 it is now possible dig up items discarded by other players, similar to fishing.


Actplow.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Plow Field)

Requires the Farming skill to perform.

This command turns normal ground into Plowed Dirt. This is only possible on Forest and Grassland Terrains. It does not work on swamps, mountains, mudflats, snow and beaches.


  • Plowing by hand requires excessive amounts of Stamina, 25% per tile. A character will be too tired to plow when Stamina is 29% or less.
  • Plowing with a Wooden Plow is much faster and takes less Stamina
  • Plowing with a Metal Plow is the fastest and takes the least Stamina
  • Plowing doesn't affect plants or objects on the plowed tile.
  • Considered a long-term bug, plowed land will spread to adjacent tiles. It is recommended to surround fields with paved stone to prevent this.

Stomp to Dirt

Actstomp.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Stomp to Dirt)

Requires Farming skill to perform.

This command converts any eligible tile into Dirt

Laying Stone, Brick, and Metal

Lay stone

Actstone.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Lay Stone)

Requires Stone Working skill to perform.

This command converts any eligible tile into Paving at a rate of 1 Stone to 1 tile


  • Paved ground can be Ran on with negligible stamina drain.
  • Paved ground It prevents the spawning of animals and forageables
  • Paving over Crops is possible, though they cannot be replanted without removing the Paved Ground first
  • Building interiors and cellars can also be paved, though the effect is purely cosmetic.

Lay Brick

Actbrick.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Lay Brick)

Requires Masonry skill to perform.

Much like Lay Stone, this command converts eligible tiles into a brick floor at a rate of 1 Brick to 1 tile.

Each type of Clay gives a different colour of brick when fired in an oven, and this is reflected in the color of the brick floor. Appear magical with a yellow brick road, or give off an imperial air with black bricks!


  • See above

Lay Metal

Actmetal.png(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Lay Metal)

Requires Metal Working skill to perform.

Much like Lay Stone, this command converts eligible tiles into a metal floor at a rate of 1 Metal Bar to 1 tile.


  • See above