A Bond of Blood & Soil

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A Bond of Blood & Soil
A Bond of Blood & Soil.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Yeomanry
Produced By Personal Claim
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Automatically generated by building a personal claim. While the first bond and claim is free, any subsequent claims cost 4000 LP to create.

You can make a new one at the Claim Pole, which deletes the old one and placing a new one in your inventory. This will however consume half of your claim's presence. (unclear: related to current claim presence, or the claims max presence..)

Hovering over a bond will show how much presence is left in it, depending on claim size.

When right clicking on a bond, you can rename or declaim it.

If you study a bond that doesn't belong to you for 96 real hours, it will become yours unless the owner renews the bond at their claim pole within that time.

There is no way to track down the exact location of a bond's claim automatically. You need to hold a bond and then right click it on a claim to figure out whether it matches.

Your bond can be stolen by anyone who attacks you. Whenever attacked by other players, check and see if they stole your bond. If they did, you need to renew it at the claim pole. Best practice is to have a separate character that holds and 'maintains' claim bonds.

The previous stolen bond "noob trap" of this has been reduced from "somebody else owns my claim now, me and my friend are trapped inside." to "claim will silently keep consuming presence and doesn't restock any from owner gaining LP. Eventually the claim will hit zero and become inactive."

Bond ownership

Bond ownership can be passed from the bond owner on an other character by right-clicking the bond to the other character and than clicking the "Transfer ownership" button.
Transferring claim ownership comes with no cost to the claims presence level. (... yet)
The bond-item itself must be transferred by regular means. (Bandy window, if already open, will close on clicking the "Transfer ownership" button.)
(Right-clicking a non owned bond on an other player will ignored the clicked player. ie: same as clicking the bond on the ground.)

Game Development

  • Wormhole Claim (2023-12-10) >"Transfer of ownership of a private claim is now an explicit act which can be performed by holding the claim's bond item, and right-clicking the Hearthling you wish to transfer the claim to. You can no longer study "Bond of Blood & Soil"s to gain control over private claims."

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