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Vital statistics
Object(s) Required Aurochs' Milk, Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk, Milk, Sheep's Milk
Produced By Bucket, any drinking vessel
Specific Type of Generics, Milk
Required By (10) Batter, Birthday Cake, Butter, Caviar Canapé, Creamy Cock, Curd, Sacrebleu, Strawberries in Cream, Unbaked Butter Scones, Unbaked Egg Cake
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Milk is a game class-type referring to one of the following 5 game-objects:

Aurochs' Milk, Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk, Milk, Sheep's Milk.

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that type-group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item.

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Milk is used to make Butter, Curds, and Batter, and is therefore an ingredient of several Baked Goods.
Milk can be stored in any Drinking Vessel, a Bucket, Barrel, or a Cistern.

Drinking milk increases the FEP gained and helps reduce satiation from Bread, Forageables and Berrys.

How to Acquire

Milk is acquired by selecting a bucket, barrel or any drinking vessel and using it on any milk-able animal via right-click.

Cows produce Milk at a rate of Milk Quantity * 0.01 per 10 minutes.
0.1L/10 minutes at Quantity 10. 0.4L/10 minutes at Quantity 40, 2.0L/10 minutes at Quantity 200.

  • Cows can store a maximum of 25L of Milk
  • Sheep can store a maximum of 25L of Milk
  • Goat can store a maximum of 15+ (25L) of Milk
  • Only 2L can be milked from an Aurochs. A higher level clover produces higher level milk.
  • Mixing different types of milk in any container will yield neutral 'Milk' of generic property.


  • Milk has no preferred container and therefore cannot gain quality boosts.
  • Quality 10 milk recovers 10% stamina and drains 20% energy per 0.05L sip. Higher quality milk will decrease the energy drain but stamina recovery remains the same at all qualities.
  • This makes high quality milk useful for performing stamina draining tasks without having to eat as much to recover, thus preserving your hunger bonus. Though energy is always shown as a whole number, it is not simply rounded up or down. For example, Q11 milk will alternate between draining 20% and 19% energy at regular intervals. Other drinkable liquids follow the same rules and formula.
  • As of World 15, when your Energy bar is lower than 8000%, eating outside of a table does not provide any hunger, satiation or FEP, making this strategy rather useless.
  • Energy Drain=
  • Gives energy if Q >20
  • According to that formula initial quality growth is more effective, and it always higher than 10% per 0.05 sip. Naturally stamina regenerate 10% per 10% energy.


  • You can use a barrel of milk to feed baby animals if you accidentally kill off their mother or if there is no lactating adult female present.

Game Development

  • Grade-A Milk (2016-04-12) >"Added new mechanic for drinks. All drinks restore stamina much like water, but they also buff particular food satiations. ...
    Also note that drinks will count as half-quality if you drink them from a non-preffered vessel (i.e. drinking wine from anything but a wine glass). Drinking vessel type does not affect the effective quality for stamina regeneration purposes.