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"Cracked, the potter's clay,
Pouring water, scraping dry,
The Vessel of Eternity."

LP Cost 125
Foraging, Firecrafts
Baking, Charcoal Burning, Glass Blowing
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (47) Acre Clay, Ant Farm, Ball Clay, Beer, Bone Clay, Cave Clay, Ceramic Knife, Clay Cauldron, Clay Jar, Clay Pipe, Coade Clay, Demijohn, Earthenware Platter, Garden Pot, Gray Clay, Hand Impression, Kiln, Mug, Oven, Pit Clay, Pot, Potter's Clay, Potter's Wheel, Rough Polish, Smoke Shed, Soap Clay, Stoneware Vase, Tar Kiln, Teapot, Toy Chariot, Treeplanter's Pot, Unfired Ceramic Knife, Unfired Clay Jar, Unfired Clay Pipe, Unfired Earthenware Platter, Unfired Garden Pot, Unfired Hand Impression, Unfired Mug, Unfired Porcelain Plate, Unfired Pot, Unfired Stoneware Vase, Unfired Teapot, Unfired Toy Chariot, Unfired Treeplanter's Pot, Unfired Urn, Urn, Weißbier
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"You've learned the art of making pots, cups and vases from clay. You can dig for clay in the shallows, and fire your produce in a Kiln."

This skill is required for most pottery and clay related items, including Treeplanter's Pots, as well as certain other items or buildings which require clay, like the Smoke Shed.

Do note that when working with pottery items, their quality will be halved unless you use a Potter's Wheel.

Many items are at first in their Unfired forms, requiring you to Fire them in a Kiln after being crafted, similarly to Unbaked goods needing to be baked in an oven. Urns and Pots are first crafted as Unfired items, and when Fired, will be automatically lifted by your hearthling out of the kiln when finished.

You must do the same to various Clays to turn them to Bricks.

What it does:

Pottery allows you to make ceramics out of Ball Clay and Acre Clay. Most of them must be fired in a Kiln before they can be used. These ceramics are:

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