Tar Kiln

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Tar Kiln
Tar Kiln.png
Vital statistics
Size 4.25 x 4.25
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Charcoal Burning, Pottery
Object(s) Required Clay x50, Stone x35
Required By (3) Coal, Everglowing Ember, Tar
Repaired With Clay
(repairs 5% per unit)
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points 400
Soak Value 2
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The tar kiln is used to get coal from wood blocks or boards. It also produces Tar as a byproduct, which you can take out in a bucket or barrel.

How to Use

Fill it with blocks or boards, then light the tar kiln using a torch or other fire source. The tar kiln can hold 80 blocks or 40 boards, and it takes 83.3 RL Hours (1.2% per hour) to burn no matter how much wood is in it. Each block becomes 2 coal, one board equals 1,5 coal.

Use inspect to check %.

Icon keyboard.pngAdventure > Inspect


Tar Kiln Q =

Tar and Coal Q = (note: n.n5 output values are randomly rounded up or down to n.n)

The color and amount of smoke produced varies.


  • Due to saw quality’s ability to increase the quality of boards sawed, boards are usually higher quality than blocks. It is recommended to use them for making high Q coal.
  • Blocks are lower quality than boards, but they produce more tar and coal.
  • When adding blocks/boards to the tar kiln, the quality of the blocks/boards will average after each addition. If you want to make high Q coal, avoid putting in any lower Q blocks or boards.
  • As of World 10, it now takes about ~3.5(83.3 hours) days real-time to finish burning coal.
  • As of World 10, the kiln must be at least half full to start.
  • Different types of wood yield different amounts of tar. Pine blocks yield the most tar, followed by other coniferous trees.
  • Tar kiln can keep a maximum amount of 10 liters of tar.
  • A full kiln of pine blocks yield nearly 20 liters of tar, so if you don't collect it halfway you'll lose half of the yield because the kiln is full.
  • It takes approx. 2 minutes and 45 seconds to produce 0,01l of tar from pine wood.
  • As of World 11, higher Q tar kilns finish faster than lower Q kilns. (Debunked - currently my q206 kiln finished at the same rate as a q22 kiln)
  • When collecting coal from a finished Tar Kiln, you will sometimes get an Everglowing Ember instead. If you use a wheelbarrow to remove all coal, there may be one in your coal stockpile.


  • A wheelbarrow can be used to get all the coal from a Tar Kiln, no matter how many coal the kiln contains. (ie: not limited to coal stockpile limit) ...

Game Development

  • Tar Plow (2021-05-23) >"You can now Shift+Right-Click "Tarkiln"s, to draw as much as you can from them as you would from a normal container. You can also use wheelbarrows to empty Tarkilns directly."