Stack Furnace

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Stack Furnace
Stack Furnace.png
Vital statistics
Size 1.125 x 1.625
Storage Size 3 x 6
Skill(s) Required Metal Working, ??
Object(s) Required Clay x15, Stone x10, Board x2, Block x4, Leather x2
Required By Bar of Copper, Bar of Lead, Bar of Tin, Quicksilver
Repaired With Clay
Can be Lifted No
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The Stack Furnace is a primitive smelter that can smelt soft metals. (copper, tin, lead, gold, and silver, but not iron.) It can be fueled with both coal and even wood if you so choose, as it uses bellows to heat itself past the limits of average wood fires.

It has a 3x6 sized inventory inside, which can hold 18 ores. Fuel it with 15-30 branches or 3-6 blocks of wood, and light it. It will smelt the ores inside slowly, however, if you right-click the bellows your Hearthling will work them for a few moments, consuming large amounts of stamina. Afterward, the fires within the furnace will burn vigorously for a while, increasing the speed of smelting significantly for about 27 real-life minutes, or 50% of the smelting time.

If Chalcopyrite is smelted, it cannot smelt to iron, only copper. Any ores which would have smelted to iron become slag. As such, you should take care of using too much chalcopyrite, as every piece smelted is permanently wasting iron.

To note, the standard Ore Smelter now requires 3 bars of Hard Metal. As such, the only way to build one, (short from asking for or borrowing some from friends or neighbors) is to first build a Stack Furnace and smelt Cassiterite and Chalcopyrite to make copper and tin, and then alloy some bronze from them.

In-Game Text

A wood fired furnace, capable of smelting copper, tin, gold, and silver ores. Using the bellows increases the smelting speed.

Loftar wrote

I suspect you might be misunderstanding the bellows. You don't need to be constantly blowing them. Once you do it, the higher speed will maintain itself for a fairly long time, which will be visible by the extra flames spouting from the opening.[1]

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