Folded Roasting Spit

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Folded Roasting Spit
Folded Roasting Spit.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 3
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every hearthling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Firecrafts
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x3, String x2, Branch x4
Produced By Hand
Required By (86) Kebab Meat, Spitroast Abyss Gazer, Spitroast Adder, Spitroast Asp, Spitroast Badger, Spitroast Bass, Spitroast Bat, Spitroast Bear, Spitroast Beaver, Spitroast Beef, Spitroast Bog Turtle, Spitroast Boreworm, Spitroast Bream, Spitroast Brill, Spitroast Bullfinch, Spitroast Burbot, Spitroast Carp, Spitroast Catfish, Spitroast Cave Angler, Spitroast Cave Louse, Spitroast Cave Sculpin, Spitroast Cavelacanth, Spitroast Caverat, Spitroast Chevon, Spitroast Chicken, Spitroast Chub, Spitroast Cod, Spitroast Eagle Owl, Spitroast Eel, Spitroast Fox, Spitroast Golden Eagle, Spitroast Grayling, Spitroast Grey Seal, Spitroast Haddock, Spitroast Hedgehog, Spitroast Herring, Spitroast Horse, Spitroast Ide, Spitroast Lavaret, Spitroast Lynx, Spitroast Mackerel, Spitroast Magpie, Spitroast Mallard, Spitroast Mole, Spitroast Moose, Spitroast Mullet, Spitroast Mutton, Spitroast Otter, Spitroast Pale Ghostfish, Spitroast Pelican... further results
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Pick up and place on a Fireplace to assemble the Roasting Spit. Cleaned animal carcasses (You must first skin and gut/clean a carcass before it can be spitroasted.), anything from the carcass of a Squirrel to a Bear, can be placed on it to make spitroasted meat. Simply leave it there on the campfire. As long as the campfire has Heat built up in it (The red bar beside the orange fuel bar inside the campfire.)it will spitroast the meat. You can also right click the roasting spit and click Turn to turn the roasting spit and make it cook much faster.

All spitroast recipes take a much longer time that roasting normally and give no bones once carved off the spitroast, and in exchange will give bone ash, extra meat (IE a squirrel will give 2 spitroast squirrel, a rabbit will give 3 spitroast rabbit, etc.) and said spitroasted meat will give half the hunger and more FEPs than normal, roasted meat would. It is recommended therefor to spitroast all meat before you eat it rather than simply roasting it.

You can also spitroast fish, which is especially good. Simply click the fish onto the roasting spit, you need not filet the fish, put it on the spit just the way it is when you fished it up.


  • Roasting Spit Quality = and is softcapped by
  • Product Quality = and currently is not softcapped by player's abilities.
    • Note that Bone Ash quality recieved from spitroasted animals will be halved. (Not all animals will produce bone ash when spitroasted, only big animals)

Spitroast Meat

See the Spitroast Meat Category page for a compiled list of spitroasted meat products and there stats.


  • From Exquisite Moodog (2017-09-27) update the quality of the spit influences the end product, and added the ability to spitroast large animals with the exception of trolls and mammoth.

As of World 14:

  • All spitroasted meat gives 400% energy and 0.5% hunger per piece.
  • All spitroasted fish gives 125% energy and 0.5% hunger per piece.
    (Note: Not all related food pages are updated yet, which takes time.)
A Deployed Roasting Spit

Game Development

  • Exquisite Moodog (2017-09-27) >"Added the ability to spitroast large animals. You may now carry an intact dead animal -- should be all except Trolls & Mammoths -- and put them on a roasting spit by right-clicking the spit. We also made it so that the quality of the spit influences the end product, and that goes for small animals as well."