Barter Pole

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Barter Pole
Barter Pole.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Trade
Object(s) Required Stone x4, Block of Wood x6, Bone Glue x2
Repaired With Block of Wood???
Can be Lifted No
Hit Points ?"?" is not a number.
Soak Value ?"?" is not a number.
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Barter Pole can be used, in conjunction with Barter Stand, to safely and automatically trade large quantity of items between Hearthlings.

How to Use

Normally, Barter Stand interacts with two containers, utilizing a connection system using special objects called The Hand That Takes (Red) and The Hand That Gives (Green).

  • The Red Hand, when placed in a container such as a Cupboard, will take items inside that container to be sold to a customer that is purchasing from a Barter Stand.
  • The Green Hand then, will take money (or specified item) from the customer as payment when an item is sold, and store it in the container that the Green Hand is placed in.

Barter Pole works similarly to the giving/taking hand objects, except it can be applied to any inventory specific items within an small radius, allowing for better handling of larger volume of goods for merchants.

  • The items can either be stockpiled or stored in containers, and as long as they are within the radius of the Barter Pole, they will be accounted for during Barter Stand transactions.
  • The effective radius of the Pole covers roughly 76 tiles as shown below

Barter Pole Range.png

Placing the pole exactly in the middle of four adjacent tiles will maximize the amount of effective tiles covered

For more information on trading mechanics, refer to Barter Stand#How to Use


  • Added in A Fistful of Love (2020-01-19)
  • Depends on which hand is applied to the Barter Pole, its graphic will change to indicate the specified hand (and thus the function of that specific pole), as shown in the infobox picture.
  • Cannot be lifted, so choose the placement wisely.
  • If there are more than two poles together, The Hand That Takes (Red) should be at the end of the row, as it may not work if it is in the middle.