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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Animal Husbandry
Object(s) Required Creatures
Produced By Sharp Tool
Required By Badger Botillo, Bear Salami, Beaver Dog, Big Bear Banger, Boar Baloney, Boar Boudin, Butcher's Surprise, Cavedog, Chicken Chorizo, Chum Bait, Cow Chorizo, Delicious Deer Dog, Drum & Sticks, Elk Dog, Fox Fuet, Fox Wurst, Glazed Grazer Dog, Grand Haruspex, Hedgedog, King of the Woods, Lamb & Lynx, Lamb Sausages, Lynxalami, Macabre Fishline, Moodog, Ouroboros, Piglet Wursts, Running Rabbit Sausage, Swan Neck, Tame Game Liverwurst, Untanned Rot, Walrus & Carpenter, Wonderful Wilderness Wurst
Stockpile Trash (80)
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Intestines are used with the Sausage Making skill to produce sausages.

How to Acquire

Any creature larger than a fox will leave behind intestines when butchered. The larger the creature, the more intestines you will harvest.

The quality of intestines obtain is based on the quality of the animal softcapped by your sharp tool and survival