Untanned Rot

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Untanned Rot
Untanned Rot.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Tanning
Object(s) Required Bone Material, Intestines, Entrails, Vinegar x 0.30L
Produced By Cauldron
Required By Exquisite Rot
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Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Processing & Materials > Exquisite Rot

Untanned Rot is tanned to become Exquisite Rot by leaving it in a Tanning Tub. Exquisite Rot is a far superior and more efficient method of creating Tanning Fluid than treebark, increasing its concentration far more. On top of this, it is created chiefly with animal parts, which can be found in higher qualities easier than treebark.

It is perhaps a call back to an ancient technique of using the cooked and mashed brain of an animal to dress the hide, permanently softening it, which is half of what tannin (the real-life chemical used for tanning, whose in-game reflection is tanning fluid) does to the hide during tanning. The hide could then be fully tanned by smoking it. There is an old adage which is that, most humorously, the brain of an animal will generally have just enough tannins to tan its own hide.

How to Acquire

You need a cauldron or clay cauldron with hot water to form Untanned Rot.

  • Gather the Bone Material, Entrails, and Intestines into your inventory and equip a bucket with at least 0.3L of vinegar in it.
  • Right click a boiling cauldron to move into position and ready it for use
  • Select the recipe: Craft > Processing & Materials > Sewing & Fabric > Exquisite Rot
  • Click the "Craft" button


  • The quality of rot crafted with the Clay Cauldron is given by:

  • The quality of rot crafted with the Metal Cauldron is given by: