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LP Cost 600
Rope Twining
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (45) Armored Striders, Badger Hide Vest, Bear Coat, Boar Tusk Helmet, Bronze Helm, Candleberry Wax, Chieftain's Hat, Coffer, Cutthroat Cuirass, Exquisite Belt, Exquisite Rot, Fox Hat, Fur Boots, Goat Mask, Hardened Leather, Hunter's Belt, Laddie's Cap, Leather, Leather Armor, Leather Backpack, Leather Ball, Leather Basket, Leather Boots, Leather Coat, Leather Merchant's Hat, Leather Pants, Leather Patch, Leather Purse, Mammoth Guard, Parchment, Poor Man's Belt, Poor Man's Gloves, Ranger's Boots, Reinforced Hem, Snakeskin Belt, Stitched Leather Coaster, Stuffed Bear, Tanner's Fishline, Tanning Fluid, Tanning Tub, Traveller's Sack, Untanned Rot, Waterflask, Whaler's Jacket, Wolverine Boots
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Tanning is the process of turning Raw Hides into leather using Tanning Fluid and Tanning Tubs.

How to Make Leather

In order to make leather, follow the steps below. Leather isn't exactly hard to make, but it is a time-consuming process.

  1. Acquire a Raw Hide from a Wild Beast.
  2. Dry the Raw Hide by placing it in a Drying Frame.
  3. Wait 8-24 real-time hours for the hide to finish drying.
  4. Take the Dried Hide and place it in a Tanning Tub.
  5. Fill Your Tanning Tub with Water.
  6. Gather four pieces of Treebark from a Tree.
  7. Right-click the Treebark into the tanning tub to create Tanning Fluid.
  8. Wait 30 real-time hours for the hide to turn into leather.
  9. Retrieve your finished leather.


  • Tanning tubs need a minimum 20L of fluid to operate, but can hold up to 40L of fluid.
  • As leather is produced, the volume of fluid goes down.
  • Tanning Fluid is consumed upon creation of a unit of leather, not as a function of time.
  • If the level of tanning fluid becomes too low, The tanning process will stop (but not reset)
    • This can be seen on the tub graphic as no fluid showing. Add more tanning fluid to finish the process
  • 4 treebark or 1 Exquisite Rot is required to make 5% concentration per Tanning Tub
  • While the necessary concentration of tanning fluid is 5% (4 treebark per tub), you may increase the tanning fluid concentration to 10% (9 treebark per tub).
    • This has no effect on tanning speed, but if your treebark quality is higher than your water quality, you can incrase your tanning fluid quality by adding more bark.
  • Each tub can hold a maximum of 4 inventory spaces of hide at a time, ie 4x Rabbit Fur, 2x Fox Hide, or 1x Aurochs Hide.
  • Tanning fluid can be made directly in containers such as barrels, buckets, and tanning tubs.

Quality Formulas

Tanning Tub Q =

Tanning Fluid Q = ... (Note: Bucket(10L) only. Formula is missing liquid amount part.)

Leather Q =