Laddie's Cap

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Laddie's Cap
Laddie's Cap.png
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every Heartling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Tanning, Sewing
Object(s) Required Leather 3x, String x2
Produced By Hand
Slot(s) Occupied 1L
Gilding statistics
Gilding Chance 10%-30%
Gilding Attributes Sewing
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Laddie's cap offers a 10%-30% Sewing Gilding slot.

This hat actually has some story behind it. It was, in the Legacy version of the game, known as the Legacy: Newsboy's Cap. It was part of your starting equipment which was stored in a chest nearby in the character creation room. The other starting items include a set of linen clothing, Clogs and a Torch.