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"She stayed up, night on night,
Under pale moons and distant stars,
Sewing her shirt for a son lost."

LP Cost 200
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (100) Badger Hide Vest, Bat Wing, Bear Coat, Bear Fur Trimmings, Beaver Cap, Beaver Wrist Guards, Bone Pins, Carpet, Chef's Hat, Cloth Pocket, Coiled Rope Hotpad, Cylinder Hat, Death's Head Chrysalis, Ermine Cloth, Feather Band, Felt, Felt Hat, Fine Feather Brooch, Fisherman's Hat, Fur Cloak, Gauze, Glass Beads, Goat Mask, Gold Cloth Pocket, Golden Cloth, Golden Thread, Hardened Leather Pocket, Hemp Cloth, Hemp Fibre Finery, Hemp Pants, Hemp Shirt, Hemp Tablecloth, Heraldic Cape, Hermine Cape, Hermine Cloak, Hirdsman's Cape, Hunter's Shirt, Kozhukh, Laddie's Cap, Lawspeaker's Hat, Lawspeaker's Robes, Leather Armor, Leather Fabric, Leather Pants, Leather Pocket, Leather Tablecloth, Linen Cloth, Linen Crate, Linen Napkin, Linen Pants, Linen Shirt, Linen Tablecloth, Lynx Claw Gloves, Mask of the Green Man, Merchant's Pants, Mohair Cloth, Mohair Shirt, Mohair Yarn, Moose Antler Buttons, Moose Hide Jacket, Oak Spire, Pearl Necklace, Plain Tabard, Pointed Cap, Primitive Cloth, Primitive Tent, Ranger's Cape, Ranger's Pants, Ranger's Shirt, Reindeer Parka, Rusalka's Water Moccasins, Scarlet Gown, Seal Hide Hoses, Seer's Stones, Silk Cloth, Silk Napkin, Silk Pocket, Silk Tablecloth, Silk Thread, Snakeskin Boots, Spinning Wheel, Spun Gluethread, Squirrel's Pouch, Stitched Leather Coaster, Straw Cape, Straw Doll, Straw Hat, Swan Feather Cape, Toga, Troll Hide Ruffle, Troll Pocket, Vapntreyiu, Walrus Boots, Woodland Crown, Woodsman's Tunic, Wool Cloth, Wool Pants, Wool Shirt, Wool Tablecloth, Yarn
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"You posses basic skills with needle and thread, allowing you to create several relevant products from cloth and fabric."

Note: Sewing is not only a basic skill but also an incrementable ability.