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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Liquid Size 2 ltr
Skill(s) Required Tanning
Object(s) Required Leather x1, String x1
Produced By Hand
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A waterflask made of leather, it is a water container that can hold up to 2 liters of water that could be used for drinking to alleviate some stamina at the cost of some hunger or to be used in a crafting recipe that requires water. The quality of the waterflask does not affect the quality of the water drawn or the capacity of the waterflask. If there is already water in the waterflask, the quality of the water will be the total average of quality of the water in the waterflask and the water drawn.

Waterflasks are the preferred water containers for hearthlings because they store the most water per inventory slot (2.0L / 1 slot) as opposed to other containers such as Kuksas (0.4L / 1 slot) and Waterskins (3.0L / 2 slots = 1.5L / 1 slot).

How to use

Simply left-click on the waterflask and then right-click on a water source to fill up the waterflask with water. Do not left-click after picking up the waterflask or else you might drop it in water and lose it forever.

To drink, right-click the waterflask and select Drink. To empty the waterflask of water, right-click and then select Empty.

Drinking containers such as a waterflask can be added to your hotbar to make your hearthling automatically drink when stamina is low.

How to acquire

You will need Tanning and one piece of Leather and one String.